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Friday, February 28, 2014

Few of you know that the mustard seed is actually the main ingredient for the production of mustard,which is a healthy food and has very good effects on our general health.In this post we will list 10 health benefits of the mustard seed:


1.Can help to control the symptoms of asthma

Mustard seeds have a high percentage of magnesium and selenium. Both components have a unique anti-inflammatory properties.If consumed regularly,can help to control the symptoms of asthma, colds and pneumonia.

2.Can help you to lose weight

The miraculous seeds are rich in B -complex vitamins like folate ,niacin,thiamine,riboflavin,and so on.They are great in accelerating the metabolism,which leads to weight loss.

3.Can slowdown the aging

Mustard is a great source of carotenoids,lutein and zeaxantine (also called flavonoids and antioxidants karetonoid ),vitamin A, C and K.All these ingredients put together are rich in antioxidants,which slow down the aging process.

4.Protects against gastrointestinal cancer

Phytonutrients,which are found in mustard and mustard seeds are excellent for preventing and slowing the progression of cancer of the gastrointestinal tract.Studies have shown that mustard seeds have properties that restrict the growth of already present cancer cells and can cause preventing the formation of another cancer.

5.Reliefs from rheumatic,arthritic and muscular pain

Selenium and magnesium that can be found in mustard can help in the anti-inflammatory process and the production of heat.When 
mustard paste is applied to the part of the body,it warms the area and helps to relief the muscles,and ends the pain.


6.Lowers cholesterol

Mustard seeds contain high amounts of niacin and vitamin B3. Niacin has properties that can help lower the cholesterol and protect arteries from atherosclerosis.It also helps to regulate blood pressure and protects the body from hypertension.

7.Stimulates hair growth

For centuries oil of mustard seeds is used for stimulating the growth of the hair.It is known that it is full of vitamins and minerals,but what makes a big difference is the presence of beta carotene.During the production of fats,beta carotene is converted into vitamin A,which is great for hair growth.Moreover,it contains iron,fatty acids,calcium and magnesium,and all of these stimulate hair growth.

8.Helps in constipation

The seed contains a unique ingredient called mucilage,which is very thin and is key to facilitating constipation.Also mustard seeds are used to increase the performance of digestion.

9.Helps against skin infections

Rich in sulfur mustard seed is great for treatment of skin infections.Sulfur gives the seed its anti - fungal and anti - bacterial properties that help against the skin infections.

10.Improves immunity

Since the seeds contain a number of natural minerals like iron, manganese,copper etc,helps the body to fight against diseases.

Finally,it should be noted that the mustard seed should be used carefully.Although it has excellent healing capabilities,it also can be toxic if consumed in large quantities.Consult a medical professional before using.


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