6 Best Uses Of Turmeric

Most women are turning to natural ways of treating, pampering and maintaining their skin and turmeric which is very popular in India is getting wide acceptance due to its numerous benefits to the skin that include.

Foods You Should Consume More This Summer

In the summer we have a lot of foods that are rich in nutrients and have many health benefits and we should consume those foods daily .

Acupuncture – A Great Way for Combating Women Health Issues

Women’s bodies are more complex when compared to men’s bodies. Therefore the numbers of health issues that are faced by women are also more. Gynecological problems are the most common issues which are seen in majority of women.

5 Simple Recipes to Keep Cool in the Summer Sun

Along with the beauty and freedom of long summer days, comes sweltering heat that can seem nearly inescapable. As we gather around the picnic table and pool with our friends and family, it often seams like there is always sweat dripping down the sides of our faces.

Diet and Fitness Tips for a Healthier You

Modern day western diets largely comprise of high fat, high calorie, processed fast foods which have harmful effects on our health, fitness, weight and bodily functions.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wide-Shoulder Workout - Bodybuilding Tips

The human body isn't stubborn. It's obedient. It does what you tell it to. It changes when you want it to. With the right tools, you can build the body you want and you dream off. So instead of training harder, you should train smarter. And by doing this you will get the shoulders you faster and at the same time you will save yourself from a hard and sometimes useless training. By doing so you will more time to do other workouts as well. So to get started click on the video bellow :

Monday, October 27, 2014

3 Most Efficient Steps for Breath-Taking Skin

I have wondered so many times what part of the body is under the biggest amount of stress. For a long time I thought it was the feet. They are always in socks or in shoes. Even when they are bare, they still have to carry the whole body. Perhaps the only part of the day when they have a rest is the sleep. Then I realized that maybe the behind is under a bigger pressure. However, it presses the feet as well. However, then it simply occurred to me that the part of the body that undergoes the largest amount of stress is the skin. It covers the whole body and takes a bullet for each and every area. So, if you want to look gorgeous and beautiful even when you stand on the threshold of the 5th decade of your life, you should take great care of your skin (and probably your spine) and treat it with all sorts of beneficial products. Here are some easy steps for mild but worthwhile ways of keeping your skin young and soft.

Protect it when it's scorching hot

The notion of sunbathing must have been devised by a diabolic hand. People enjoy immensely lying in the sun and get their skin dark and bronze tanned, but this activity can be extremely unhealthy and even fatal. Sun rays do have a lot of healthy effects on our skin and health, but not UV-rays. In order to get a nice tan and still spare yourself visiting a dermatologist or an oncologist after a sunbathing season, you have to stay away from the sun between 11 am and 5 pm.

Get to know you skin

As it is the case with every parts of our body, you have to get to know your skin and its characteristics. What suits one person harms the other. As you are getting older, you have to make an effort to observe your skin and how it behaves in different contexts. If something is obviously harmful, stop doing that. If you know that you have problems with acne, you have to visit a dermatologist. Do not waste time and money on potions and herbs by medicine men. That can only help as an addition, but the diagnosis must be given by a trained professional. The problem for those living in the country might be the lack of such professionals. No matter if you live in rural Yorkshire or the arid part of New South Wales, do not hesitate and go to see a doctor in one of the clinics in Leeds or ask for help companies that treat acne in Sydney, respectively. The point is that you cannot leave your skin problems aside and allow them to make your life miserable. Problems with skin and acne often lead to low self-confidence and may affect other parts of your life, too.

Watch out what you eat

Many skin disorders come from unhealthy or imbalanced diet. The skin likes proteins and a plenitude of vitamins, such as the vitamins K, D and E. Great sources of these vitamins are vegetables (K – cauliflower, spinach, chard; D – mushrooms, fish, eggs; E – all sorts of nuts and sweet potatoes). Also, you have to take in a lot of water to let the bodily fluids move as much as possible, accelerating the metabolic processes.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

5 Sport Supplements You Actually Need

Time flies, as we all inevitably notice, and it means that things change. We mature, gain wisdom and learn many things in life; but we also get older. While we are still teenagers, getting older meant getting stronger but when we leave those wonderful ‘years of power’ behind us, we realize that we need all the help we can get to maintain what once was so easy to achieve.

#1 – Whey protein

If you want to gain muscle, this is what you are looking for. It is the absolute best for the purpose. There are over 50.000 proteins in our system and they are responsible for proper functioning of our bodies. Whey protein is very convenient to take, and it is beneficial for more reasons: it can speed recovery after work-outs, it builds muscle tissue, and makes you less hungry. Body absorbs this type of protein faster than it does other. After muscles have been broken down post-workout, whey protein will make recovery faster.

#2 – Omega 3 fish oil

The well-known omega-3 fatty acids keep our brains and hearts healthy. In addition, they are good if you have aching joints or some sports injuries since they act anti-inflammatorily. No matter if you eat fish two or three times a week, intake of a couple of grams of fish oil daily will only do you good. Health benefits of fish oil are undisputed, but you might not have known that this supplement can also help you exercise harder, thus leading to greater weight loss as well.

#3 – Creatine

We know that creatine is widely used by bodybuilders in order to get stronger and grow bigger muscles. But it can safely be taken by other people as well. There are studies which have shown that people who have been working out regularly and taking in creatine powder gained about three extra pounds of muscle. Creatine fuels our muscles naturally, and a supplement makes more of this fuel available so you can do more repetitions

#4 – Caffeine

If you take caffeine before exercise, it helps you improve performance and gives you strength to work more and longer by decreasing symptoms of fatigueIt is your own mental focusing agent, working best for those who work-out in the morning. Be careful, though, since caffeine can increase heart rate and blood pressure. Use pills because that way you can control the amount you take in.

#5 – Branch chain amino acids

With regular intake of BCAA, your recovery rate after workout increases and muscle density improves. They build new proteins after a hard training, help muscle tissue recover faster and prevent muscle breakdown.

Every supplement we mentioned here can be found, bought and ingested easily. What you cannot find, let alone buy, is motivation. If you are determined to achieve a certain goal you want, or to maintain a good level you’ve reached, everything else can be taken care of. A well-prepared training program, a good coach and a lot of determination is the foundation on which you can build amazing results. Online supplement store like this one are only here to help you get to your goal more easily. The rest is up to you.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Health and Beauty Tips : Know These Important Facts

Beauty is loved by almost every person especially the female. A beautiful lady or woman feels happy and young. Beauty is the key factor that most men look for in ladies before they start courtship. Below are some of the beauty and healthy tips. Practicing them will leave you beautiful and attractive like never before believe me.

Healthy diet for a healthy skin 

A diet with nutrients will assist in having a healthy hair and healthy skin development. Green leafy vegetables and fruits are the key boosters to the skin natural defenses against wrinkles and sun damages. Food with vitamin A, C and E assists in the protection of free environmental stress radicals.

Ensure you take multi-vitamins daily

In order to have a younger-looking skin, take plenty of multi-vitamins since they act as antioxidants.

Apply sunscreen

Ensure you apply sunscreen from head to toe as well as minimizing the exposure to the sun daily. Overexposure to sun leads to skin cancer. The minimal daily sun exposure not only prevents skin cancer but also gives one a beautiful and a healthy skin.

Avoid smoking

Generally smoking affects the entire body as a whole not forgetting the skin. It derives the oxygen needed by the skin and this eventually leads to wrinkles and fine lines. In addition it interferes with elastin and collagen fibres that are responsible for the elasticity and tone. Eventually it leads to premature sagging and wrinkling. Passive smoking too should be avoided since it interferes with one’s eyes by creating wrinkles.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine

Both alcohol and caffeine speeds up water loss from the entire body surface-the skin. Thus excessive intake of the two will lead to diminishing skin smoothness and softness through dehydration process. Too much intake of alcohol may lead to capillaries breaking under the skin resulting to red like patches on the skin surface. Caffeine containing products like tea, chocolate and sodas should be noted including the common containing agent-coffee.

Ensure you get a beauty sleep

Make sure you sleep at least eight hours per night because it not only assist energy and mental clarity but helps the body too with the repairing and healing processes that happened daytime( including the skin). More so a good night sleep eliminates irritated and puffy eyes, pale complexion and dark circles. To aid in the healing process of the skin, apply night cream. 

Ensure you do not take fluids close to bedtime

Avoid drinking fluids two to three hours before you sleep if you want to look your best in the morning. Consumption of fluid just before bedtime may cause one to waking up puffy eyes. 

Always lather, rinse and repeat

If your hair is not good, you may end up with a bad moody day. This may be attributed to rushing up and paying little or no attention to our hairs forgetting that it need to look shiny beautiful and healthy as well. We end up not scrapping the scalp to an extent of removing excess build-up oils, we do not completely rinse the conditioner and shampoo from hair. Thus to ensure your day run smooth, ensure you rinse and rinse again your hair till all the traces of conditioner and shampoo have been washed out. For a shinier look, seal the hair’s cuticle with cool water.

Pay attention to the rest of the body too

Try to focus on other body areas other than the face and skin only like the nails, elbows, feet, neck, hands and the rest. In general groom from head to toe. Use moisturizers to avoid dry and unattractive look.

Always smile

A smile makes your day lively hence making you look young, friendly and most important beautiful. Smile always!

Author Bio:

I am Nancy, freelancer and part time blogger. I love reading and writing blogs. Apart from this I like traveling around the world and share my traveling experience by means of my article. Currently I am doing a research work on Bahrain evisa which will assist you in visa services.

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5 Ways To Lose Weight Naturally

Natural weight loss is a very simple and effective method of losing weight permanently. It does not involve dieting, but rather making gradual lifestyle changes such as eating habits. The following tips on how to lose weight naturally will help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Make up your mind

Gaining weight is much easier than losing it, therefore this calls for commitment, which if you do not have you cannot succeed in your quest. Therefore, it is important that you develop a strong will; that it is what you need and you are ready to sacrifice anything to see it materialize.


We enjoy taking processed drinks like diet soda, which are unhealthy. To lose weight you will have to give up on them. Fitness experts and nutritionists advise that you stick to water, which you should drink at least eight glasses every day.

Water helps in digestion, eliminating of waste substance from the body, suppresses hunger pangs, and maintains all the critical body organs including the liver in good condition. In addition, take warm water throughout the day, as it prevents accumulation of fats and wastes in the body.

Eat a healthy and balanced diet

You are not going to lose weight by crash dieting or starving. The important thing is you eat a healthy and balanced diet. It includes a diet that provides you with enough vitamins, carbohydrates, fats, nutrients, proteins, calcium, fiber, and iron. Do not adhere to those diet plans that recommend giving up carbohydrates.

Instead, you should consider taking complex carbohydrates like beans, brown bread, lentils, brown rice, and cereals to meet your body carbohydrate requirements. As for proteins, acquire them from healthy foods like lean meats, eggs, and fish (no red meat).  Try to include rich fiber food in your diet such as corn, wheat, rice bran etc.


Reduce the quantity of food you eat per meal. This does not mean that you should deprive your body of food. As a matter of fact, doing this will cause you to gain instead of losing of weight. Control what you eat by making sure that you eat sensibly and healthy balanced diet to be able to lose weight naturally.

Cut out high calorie foods

Some foods are high in calories but lack nutrients or vitamins. This includes fast foods such as burgers, pizzas, high sugar foods such as cookies, pastries, and cakes, aerated drinks, processed foods, and alcoholic drinks. You should avoid them to realize your weight loss goals.

Eat smaller meals

Our everyday eating pattern is characterized with 3 large meals. Try to avoid this and instead eat regularly, five or six smaller meals a day. This naturally boosts your metabolism, a very important aspect in weight loss.

Your diet should have fiber-rich foods

They will keep your body full for long. This directly affects the portion of food you eat in that you will eat less in the following. In addition, fiber rich foods help in elimination of waste from the body that would otherwise build up as fats. Example of high fiber foods include oranges, sweet corns, apples, beans, broccoli, cabbage, peas, strawberries, bananas, prunes, spinach, and carrots.

Exercise everyday

This is a final and very vital tip to natural weight loss. You should do cardiovascular exercises like cycling, swimming, and jogging as they aid in weight loss from all parts on the body. Combine these with exercises specific to certain body parts and that will help you tone and strengthen those particular area muscles. Nevertheless, you should only undertake them under a trained professional guidance and supervision.

Ruth Anoya is an entrepreneur and a blogger. She writes extensively about women’s rights and gives tips on how a woman can be a successful business woman in her blogs and articles. Currently she is working on Ni card.

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Beauty Guide for Young Skin

You might think that skin care starts later in life, when you start noticing wrinkles, fine lines and other skin warnings that you need to pay more attention, but in reality starting as early as possible will lead to having a more elastic and younger looking skin.

First things first, before you start any kind of home-made treatment, you first need to find out what your skin type is, meaning that not every skin type needs and can use the same products, especially if you have a problematic skin type.


Most people get wrinkles and fine lines because of repeated movements on their skin, which means that frowning should be something to avoid immediately. By working out, you will not only get into shape, and lower fat in your body, which will lead to a tighter skin, but you also reduce stress levels in your body, which ultimately helps keep the skin younger.

Moreover, by working out, you are also helping your cells breathe, getting precious oxygen to skin cells, making the cells healthier and lasting longer. However, make sure to cleanse your skin after a good workout, so that you remove grime built up on your skin that would damage your skin.


Sleeping helps your skin replenish, and it also helps your body to reduce stress levels, which means that your skin can iron out any damage that it sustained throughout the day. Although, it is advisable to sleep on your back, so that your face has enough room to revitalize.


Be careful with your diet, because your skin will reflect what you eat, and if you eat a lot of junk food, it is not only bad for your health, it is also murder on your skin care. You should be eating a lot of vegetables and fruit, to get precious minerals and vitamins which help you retain a healthier skin. Moreover, try to avoid sugars and fats as they will only create layers of unwanted fat under the skin, making it unhealthy.

Furthermore, certain vitamins and supplements can help you reduce oiliness in your skin, and ultimately help you make your skin look beautiful and young-like. But if you have a condition with oiliness, it is better to visit a dermatologist to get advice on how to handle your skin type.


Water is essentially good for everything in your body. It will help you drain out toxins from your body, and helps you cleanse from the inside, making your skin reflects the inner happiness due to reduce amounts of toxins and stress levels.

Moreover, water helps you stay hydrated and moisturizes your skin, which is essential to keep your skin healthy and young in the long run. If you stick to a skin care routine, and drink plenty of water daily, then rest assured that your skin will be elastic and healthy well into your late years. And you will not have to worry about any serious issues concerning skin care.

Sophie is a beauty blogger from Sydney. She’s fan of new natural skin care products and makeup. Sophie is always searching for new beauty tips & tricks. Follow her at Facebook.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

5 Terrifying Facts About Ebola

Ebola hemorrhagic fever is a disease caused by the Ebola virus and it is a humans disease as well as of other mammals. There is no specific treatment available yet for this disease and has a high death risk rate. It kills in average 50 % of those infected but also depends on how strong is the immune system of the infected person. This disease was first seen in Africa but in 2014 some cases were also seen in United States and some European countries. So to learn more about this disease watch the following video :

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Benefits of Deadlifts You Probably Never Knew

There are many exercises and workout patterns that have been introduced over the years. Each of these methods and patterns are known to target a different goal set. Some might aim at helping in weight loss, while some others may help in building muscles and a few may simply contribute towards a healthy life.

There are a few workouts that contribute highly towards more than one fitness goals. Therefore, including them in your fitness regime can prove to be a lot more beneficial. Recognizing the benefits of these will help you realize what is best for you. The dead lifts unlike the other exercises is beneficial in a number of ways. While it is ranked second to the squats on the basis of their contribution towards muscle building, dead lifts help in strengthening the and building the upper and lower bodies like no other exercise can do. Let us take a look at a few benefits that dead lifts hold and those that still remain unknown for many.     
         1.      It is the Safest Exercise:

Dead Lifts are known to be the safest form of exercises that one may prefer to perform. It includes only a rod with some weights at both ends. There is no danger of getting pinned down or pulled backwards. All you need to do is lift the rod and hold until you can. If you think that it is being painful and you can no longer hold on to it, you can simply drop it with a loud bang. It will fall back on the floor, causing no harm to you.
        2.      More Muscles being Worked out:

There is no exercise that actually concentrates on the major muscle groups in the body. The squats too, fall back from this category. It is only the dead lifts; if performed well; that will help in working out all the muscle groups in the upper as well as the lower parts of the body.
        3.      Increase in Growth Hormones:

Are you looking out for a workout that will boost your testosterone levels and the growth hormone levels without supplements? Dead lifts can help you do that. An increase in the testosterone can contribute to muscle growth and eases muscle repair. While the increase in growth hormone will help with muscle growth, tissue healing, bone strengthening and fat loss.
        4.      Increases the amount of cardio you perform:

Dead lifts have been proved to be the best way to improve your cardiovascular ability. Just about 10 repetitions of dead lifts can help you get the feel of performing a whole set of cardiovascular exercises. Thus, it is great to have just one exercise that will contribute towards the cardio and the muscle building exercises which you need not perform separately.

        5.      They help Prevent Injury:

Injury is a common thing that may occur while you are working out. Everyone takes a number of precautionary measures to make sure that they avoid injuring any major muscle or a ligament. Dead lifts help strengthen muscles around critical ligaments or tendons. It is important to support joints that are surrounded by longer muscles. This exercise proves to be helpful in such cases.
        6.      More like a real Life Lift:

All the other kinds of lifts; consider the bench press lift; are uncommon and cannot be performed in real life. You cannot lift anything while you lay on your back and hold it up in the air. Instead, the dead lift is like any other lift that you often do; like picking a bucket full of water or gunny bag filled with grains. Thus, you are not making any artificial movements while performing this exercise.
        7.      Increase in the amount of Fat being Burnt:

A number of studies have been performed to state that dead lifts can equally contribute towards the burning of fat. In a study where people were divided into three groups, one group was told to follow a strict diet, the second was told to follow the diet with a little aerobics, while the third was asked to follow the diet, with aerobics and a few weights. The people in the third group were found losing about 44% to 35% more weight than those in the first 2 groups. Thus, it is proved that dead lifts too, help in fat burning.

With all the above mentioned benefits of Dead lifts, one cannot deny the fact that this is one of the most cheapest or the easiest form of exercises that one usually performs in the gym. The equipment required for this is cheap enough to be bought for personal use and can be used at home. Therefore, we have seen the wonders that can take place by performing this simple workout. But, the thumb rule remains the same; Focus on perfection and a standard method to make sure you gain maximum benefits.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Foot and Ankle Strengthening Exercises for Everyone

Your feet and ankles suffer quite a great deal during even the most relaxed of days, let alone during those days when you spend hours on your feet, running around and doing errands. Those of us whose jobs require us to stand for extended periods of time are even more likely to have various issues that will involve their feet and/or their ankles.

The best way to avoid any injuries and issues with feet and ankles, as well as to get better after any injury or condition is to work them out, just as you would any other part of the body. Here are some of the strengthening exercises that will do wonders for them.

Workout for the toes

You may feel silly when doing these exercises but they will actually be incredibly beneficial for your toes, as well as the various muscles in your feet. These exercises involve picking up objects from the ground using your feet and holding them up in the air. You can also use your feet to write letters and numbers in the air, thus further strengthening your feet. The important thing is to do these exercises regularly, at least two times a day.

Balance act

One of the best exercises for your ankles is simple balancing. The easiest way to work out like this is to take a thicker pillow and place it on the ground. Then, you simply step on it with one foot and raise the other one in the air. Then, you simply leave it to the gravity and your body to do their thing. Namely, no matter how well-balanced you are usually, after a while, you will start to lose balance and your ankle will do everything to keep you upright. This is exquisite exercise for the ankle.

Plantar fascia exercises 

The first type of plantar fascia exercises involves a chair and a cylindrical object of some kind. You simply sit on the chair and put your foot on the cylindrical object, for instance, a can. Then you simply roll it forward and backwards. You should do this at least two times a day.

Another type of exercise that will involve your plantar fascia is to stretch your legs out and make your feet perpendicular with them. Next, you take a towel or some other object and you get it around the ball of the foot. You then grab the towel with both hands and pull your foot towards you. You should do at least 10 repetitions for each foot.

Pushing down into the ground

Perhaps the simplest exercise of them all is pushing your toes into the ground. You just sit down and you use all the strength that you have in your toes and feet to push your toes into the ground. You just need to take care not to curl them or move them in any way. This may seem like doing little, but it is actually a great exercise.

There are many other exercises for your feet and your ankles and depending on what you are getting better from and what you are looking to achieve, your podiatry specialist will recommend the different types that will help you immensely. Make sure you do them regularly and you listen to other advice that your podiatrist has for you.

Author's bio: James Burbank is a blogging maniac who enjoys an active lifestyle and who writes on fitness, green living and healthy eating. He is always ready to learn new stuff and to share his findings with other people. 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Stop Eating So Much Chemicals

Let's face it we all love junk food, it makes us feel better, it gives us a rush and it's delicious. But are also aware of the fact that processed foods are bad for you are bad for you. The reason they exist is because  they are extremely cheaper, they do not go bad so easily and they save a lot of time. If we only eat processed foods we are depriving our body of essential nutritious like minerals, vitamins and fibers, while loading it up with chemicals and letting our body fight to clean up the mess. We should try eating fresh foods whenever we can to help the liver and kidneys flush out the toxins and preservatives.

Salty snacks

You love to snack on potato chips, pretzels and mixed nuts packed with sodium and you also know it's bad. These snacks are full of calories, preservatives and incredibly oily. You can give olives a go! Okay, they may be preserved in salt but you can always give them a little shower under the faucet. Unlike chips they have fiber, important vitamins and they are brain food. If you don't like green olives try other kinds, for example black olives don't have such a strong taste. You can also go for cut up cucumbers with a bit of salt or even crackers are a good alternative, but be sure the crackers have a health-approved stamp on them. Nuts and popcorn can be used as a substitute but make sure they are not drowned in butter and salt.

Sugar cravings

If you're craving chocolate you should indulge yourself a bit but get healthy chocolate. Cocoa beans are full of minerals, antioxidants and they have fiber. Find dark chocolate with 70-85% cocoa because the flavor is so strong you won't eat much of it and you will satisfy the craving. You can also go for fruits, they have fiber, natural sugar and they are delicious. You can make a fruit salad just cut them up and eat them. Don't ruin them by adding sugar, eat them naturally and you will get hooked at how refreshed they make you feel. You can even get a fruit gift basket delivered to your friends to help them get healthy instead of muffing baskets full of processed flower, sugar and chocolate.


Soda does not have any benefits, it's the most unhealthy thing you can put in your body. A study showed that drinking soda causes fatty liver and stores fat around your skeletal muscles. It makes you gain weight, destroys your teeth and packs fat around your tummy area. Many people are so addicted to soda that they don't drinks water because they say it has a strange taste, but this is just a bad habit. Soda will not quench your thirst, your body actually uses up water to digest the sugar. If you really cannot drink pure water there are numerous healthy alternatives to soda. You could go for flavored water, but it's also full of chemicals, sugars and sweeteners. So just make your own! Dice up your favorite fruit, put it in cold water and let it sit for a bit to release the flavor. Teas will hydrate you while also detoxifying your liver and lowering your anxiety. The Chinese have been using the healing properties of teas for centuries to keep their bodies in balance and minds at peace. 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Winter Workouts to Keep You Fit

As the cold winter months approach many of us migrate the majority of our time towards the warmth of the indoors, where we can feel comfortable and cosy, waiting for the snow and the holidays. Of course, for some of us staying inside in the warm is a little harder, because we know we should be out there running, or cycling, or doing something active to keep ourselves fit and healthy. Winter is full of problems for those who want to stay fit all year round, and one of the biggest problems we face comes in the form of Christmas dinner, and the onslaught of festive treats that follow it. Alcohol, rich fatty meats, chocolate, Christmas pudding, and eating almost continuously for the duration of the holidays as you move from house to house visiting friends and relatives.

There are, of course, some things that you can do to keep the weight from building up this winter, without having to turn away everything delicious that is offered to you.

Start off with some winter activities. If the cold isn’t enough to keep you from braving the outdoors then get out there!
      Walks in the middle of winter a beautiful; frost on the ground, snow, quiet. Not to mention that the air always feels that much fresher when it’s cold, so get out there and enjoy a good walk. All you need is a jacket and a decent pair of shoes. Of course if it is snowing you might opt for boots instead, and if it is particularly cold you may want to opt for multiple layers. More, thinner layers will do much more for you than one very thick layer, particularly when it comes to the cool down period, so keep this in mind when you dress for a winter walk.
         Hiking or Running.
If walking isn’t doing enough for you then try hiking or running. Running in winter is best in better maintained areas where the streets are cleared and gritted, or in areas where the ground is left untouched; if it’s icy or partially cleared so that it turns slushy and icy then it isn’t a very safe surface for running. Hiking can be more risky in winter, so stick to marked trails or areas you’re particularly familiar with if you choose hiking.
         Winter Activities.
If the usual activities just aren’t interesting enough for you with all of the festivities going on then maybe you need to think of something a little more winter specific. If you’re planning a winter holiday or just happen to live in a particularly good area for snow and hills then you should try snowboarding or skiing. If you live in the city then you’re quite fortunate in that many cities have ice rinks or even open outdoor ice rinks in the winter, so you can go ice skating. These are particularly fantastic family activities and are a great way to get outside and get active. Of course if you’re looking for a good family activity try just going outside for a snowball fight like you did when you were a kid; running, throwing and of course laughing are all good ways to stay in shape.

If you’re looking for a fitness option that is a little more indoors based then there are still plenty of options for you, regardless of whether you’re looking for a quick bit of exercise to fit into your daily routine, or a healthy family activity.
You can grab a rope and start skipping just about anywhere, and it happens to be one of the most effective ways of burning calories. You can skip while watching TV, listening to your favourite music, or even just while you’re waiting for something.
          Bowling or Swimming.
If you’re looking for an activity to do with the family then swimming or bowling can be a great we of getting out of the house and encouraging some exercise. Swimming is a particularly good one for encouraging a healthy lifestyle, burning calories and staying in shape, and it’s great for the whole family. Bowling is a more social form of exercise and particularly good if you’re trying to encourage family members to do something active if they’re particularly opposed to it. In most towns and cities you can find indoor centres for swimming and bowling.
·         '
          Yoga and Pilates.
If you’re looking for a more regular activity as part of a group that provides a more social and easy going option then you are certain to appreciate a class for Yoga or Pilates. Of course if you aren’t as interested in participating as a group you can practice these activities alone at home if you choose to, with instructional books or DVDs to choose from.

Kate Critchlow is a young and enthusiastic writer covering a range of topics, having written for a variety of clients and topics to cover everything from making weight loss fun to finding the perfect supplements for your diet. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Stock Up On Health In Time For Winter!

1.    The first thing people reach for when faced with a possibility of getting ill is Vitamin C tablets. This is far from a bad habit, but it is nowhere near enough to maintaining a healthy body, or to fight of infection. Zinc is often disregarded, yet it is a more common deficiency than Vitamin C, especially in women and children. It is also available as a supplement, but the best way to consume it is, naturally, through food. Zinc is found in large amounts in nuts and seafood, especially shellfish.
2.    Another important vitamin is D, however, it is consumed in a somewhat different manner. The human body gets all its vitamin D through the sun’s UVB rays – the non-carcinogenic ones. During the summer, getting enough sunlight is not a problem, but as the days get shorter, and the sun gets farther away, the need for additional sources arise. Spending sunny hours in the office can be reversed by eating mushrooms and egg yolk. The only additional supplements that work are oil-based D3 supplements.
3.    A healthy digestive system promotes a healthy body, and it is easy to establish one, or merely maintain it, with the help of probiotics. Globalization ensured a worldwide trade of ingredients, and anybody has access to natural medicine proven by thousands of years of experience. Potent probiotic superfoods that have kept tribal communities healthy well before the age of cities include kombucha tea and kefir. They are now common in any health-food store, and shop-keeps will gladly explain the application method. Even when illness strikes, probiotics can be used to balance out the aggressive nature of antibiotics.
4.    Herbs and spices add flavor to food and life, but their role transcends this: herbs are charged with natural healthy matter, which can be absorbed in the form of teas, spices, ointments… The most lauded are cayenne pepper, turmeric, curry, rosemary, allspice, onion, and the father of all superfoods, garlic. Garlic has been a known remedy from the dawn of time, and today, major research is conducted to see just how far its powers stretch.
5.    The doctor always recommends drinking plenty of fluids, but doing so ahead of time also keeps the doctor away. The problem is that most people have the wrong approach to something as basic as water: feeling thirsty is just a mask for dehydration, when the body is already on its last leg. Training yourself to methodically drink several glasses of water throughout day is the only approach. Other than water, which boosts your lymph levels, a selection of antioxidant teas provide a perfect blend of warm liquids and potent herbs. Green tea and chamomile tea are best choices for the winter period, and the most efficient and most prevalent recipe for disease prevention is a hot cup of green tea with a spoonful of honey, every morning.
6.    Sleep deprivation makes an unhappy, unhealthy individual incapable of dealing with invasive foreign bodies like bacteria and viruses. The body regenerates and restores during certain phases of sleep, and there is no way to go around this. Powernaps are no good to anyone, and neither is anything less than 7 hours of straight sleeping.
7.    Diet and exercise are the two steps to a healthy lifestyle. While there are as many diets as there are people starting them, the healthy meals are well balanced ones. There are also plenty of ways to exercise, and all of them are efficient, depending on a person’s preferences. However, it is yoga that most openly connects body and spirit. The combination of movement, breathing and meditation is bound to maintain vitality and a life free of stress.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Four Health Benefits of Contact with Nature

Contact with nature is known as ecotherapy. It is an effective type of therapy older than time itself, is free and absolutely available to everyone anytime. Being outdoors can make you feel better right away. The sun’s warmth, the fresh ocean breeze, the clean, sweet smell of the air after a heavy rain, the chirping of the birds – all these can instantly revive your spirit. And this is no tall tale either, studies have shown that contact with nature is an integral part of our well-being as humans.

A most significant research called “restorative environments”  that has documented the importance of nature to a person’s well being, health and functioning has been conducted by Stephen and Rachel Kaplan, psychology professors at the  University of Michigan. According to the Kaplans,  the reasons why contact with nature presumably help in a person’s well being include :

  • When in nature, a person has this feeling of being away from life’s daily strains and stresses.
  • Being in contact with nature helps a person put things into proper perspective.
  • Nature delights and stimulates the senses
  • When in nature, a person usually feels being in a harmonious and supportive surroundings
Studies also showed that direct contact with nature has plenty of positive effects on the mental and physical health of a person – help treat illness, prevent health issues and provide healing and care. A 1974 study by Russell and Mehrabian indicated that pictures of natural scenes shown to subjects promoted health-oriented behaviours. On the other hand, RS Ulrich, in his research “View through a window may influence recovery from surgery” established that patients in a hospital who have views of nature from their windows were considered more cooperative, required the administration of less painkillers and were discharged faster than those with only a brick wall for a view. Another study conducted by Ulrich in 1991 proved that nature views impact positively on physical health, specifically on muscle tension, blood pressure and more, as well as in reducing stress.

It comes as no surprise that contact with nature would have a curative effect considering that man’s progenitors have always bonded with nature. In fact, it is only in this modern world where man has less exposure to nature and more restricted to the man-made surroundings. For man, therefore, being in a natural environment is like going home to a sanctuary that gives man a feeling of belonging. It’s the calming and soothing effect of nature that brings healing. Being in nature, a person seems to quieten and the soporific effect of nature’s beauty checks the incessant and chaotic thought-chatter that normally runs around his mind acting like a mantra. This fills the person with inner energy and tranquility that promote healing.

You need not go to the mountain or even drive a long way to the beach  to experience nature. Taking a brisk walk in the park rather than sweating it out in the gym is a great way to take in nature while exercising. If going outdoors often is too much of an effort, you can always bring nature inside by having an indoor garden. Even indoor plants can improve your disposition, purify the air and lessen weariness and stress. Urban living and a modern way of life should not be a reason to be deprived of nature’s bounty.

Sharon Freeman is a professional freelancer who writes about coaching and the latest performance coaching trends in the business world.