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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Most people do not want to talk about the color of their urine, but the fact is that the color can have a lot to tell about the state of your health.Today we'll talk a little bit about the color of urine and its relation to health ...


Normal color of urine should be pale yellow,but depending on the condition of the body,the color can vary dramatically.Some variations are normal,but some are alarming.So what does the color change of the urine tell us about our health?

Dark yellow - If the light yellow color of urine is normal,dark yellow color indicates a dehydration of the body.The concentration of the urine is increased,thats why color becomes darker.Consuming more liquids is necessary when you notice that your urine has dark yellow color.

Red - Red colored urine can indicate the presence of blood in the urine or secretion of some elements in red.We must note that the red color in the urine is a sign that we should visit the doctor. If you notice this color seek immediate laboratory examination of urine.Blood in urine can be derived from the kidney,bladder,urinay system,prostate and if haematuria is proven then it is necessary to make an examination of these organs.

Dark red to black ( Coca -Cola color ) This color of urine occurs due to many conditions but most often occurs as a result of improper operation of the liver,severe liver disease,hepatitis, cancer,melanoma,cirrhosis,etc. .

Orange - Orange color is known to occur frequently after taking some medication,but may often falsely scare you if you previously consumed carrot or citrus fruits.

However,whatever the color of your urine is,if it is different from normal,seek medical advice which will guide you to further laboratory analysis.Even if the color of your urine is normal regular laboratory controls at least once a year is necessary if you want to keep your health.


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