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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hair loss or baldness is one condition that most men fear more than anything else. Although others don’t consider it a problem, to some it could cause loss of self-esteem leading to frustration, emotional distress and even to depression.This is especially true when a guy starts losing hair at an early age. This could be because most men associate thick and lustrous hair with youth, virility, machismo and power. Most men would go to any length, do everything to retain or get back their full head of hair. The good news is, there are treatment options that can be had to arrest baldness or re-grow hair, either by topical or oral medication, hair transplant or with the use of devices that stimulate hair growth such as a dermastamp.

Why do men go bald?
Baldness is a condition being endured by almost 50% of the male population. What these guys are suffering from is male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecea. Genes and being male have a lot to do with male pattern baldness. It usually starts with thinning of the hair that starts from the hairline and steadily moving backward to the crown until all that is left is a U-shaped pattern of hair on the head’s sides. Some men lose even the hair on the sides to become completely bald.

Hair normally grows from follicles, the tiny pouches found under the scalp, for around three years. After that, the hair falls and new hair grows. This hair cycle of growth, fall and growth again continues all through a person’s life. What happens to a man who goes bald could be that hair follicles slowly constrict and shrink. As this happens, the new growth of hair becomes thinner and falls or sheds earlier than the normal three years. Sooner or later, what will remain is a much smaller follicle with a hair stump that does not sprout out of the scalp’s surface.

Treatment options to arrest or reverse baldness

Topical and oral medication can arrest or reverse hair loss. There are only two drugs that are US FDA approved. Minoxidil is the topical or external medication while Finasteride is the oral medication. Minoxidil is said to be effective in slowing the balding process and stimulating hair growth but is not a cure to baldness. It works well for people, men and women,40 years old or younger and who are in the early balding stage. Finasteride, on the other hand, is a medication given to men only because what it does is to reduce the amount of DHT or male sex hormone thus slowing down hair loss and promoting hair growth. 

Dermastamp is the latest device in the needling and collagen formation technology. Its predecessor, the dermaroller, has been proven to be successful in activating the generation of the skin’s own collagen. The dermastamp has evolved from this technology. And since it encourages regeneration in the targeted skin area, it can also promote hair growth by applying it on the affected scalp area. It is a established fact that increasing blood circulation in the scalp stops hair fall and encourages the growth of new hair.

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