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Thursday, September 25, 2014

It is all women’s dream to possess very long and healthy hair as long hair is normally considered as a contributing factor to women’s beauty. However, most of these women are more than often misled by myths that have been created concerning the growth of long hair. However, there are some tips that are useful for any woman who desires to have long healthy hair. These tips are from reliable and credible sources. Here are 8 tips for healthy long hair.

1. Scalp Massaging.

Massaging your hair regularly for around 5 to 10 minutes with an aim of stimulating the blood flow in the scalp will help your hair grow rapidly. This is primarily because the more the blood flow in the scalp the higher the amount of nutrients that are necessary for hair growth.
Massaging vital and essential oils into the scalp region will also hasten quick hair growth. The old proverb that suggests that brushing your hair 100 strokes each night is not a lie but a reality based on this aspect of blood circulation.

2. Trimming.

Although trimming your hair when your ultimate aim is having long hair sounds crazy, it is really an important thing to do for the realization of long hair. Hair specialists including Joel Warren suggest that the longer the hair, the more styled and colored it is.This makes it dry and frizzy very fast. Having your hair cut like half an inch on alternate months will help you get long hair as hair grows faster than that.

3. Washing Less and Conditioning Frequently.

Frequent shampooing can deny your hair various natural and vital oils that are key in preventing split ends. The lesser the split ends, the lesser the length your hair stylist has to cut off. Shampoo at least once or twice weekly using mild shampoos and focus more on conditioning your hair for maximum hydration.

4. Avoid Heat.

Heat is quite dangerous as it curtails hair growth. Avoid heat as your ultimate aim is beautiful long hair. Blow drying and flat ironing, a common practice among women leaves you with unhealthy hair. When blow drying your hair, try to keep the dryer’s end at least 5 inches away from the hair. In case you flat iron, make sure you apply any of the split hair repair creams. This will help in binding unraveled hair ends back together.

5. Avoid Gels and Heavy Mousses.

Gels and heavy mousses will not help in hair growth. They will only leave your hair heavy and hard. When hair grows long, it will eventually get heavy. Long hair requires a volumizer that will give the hair’s roots a lift. Massage the volumizer into the damp roots to provide the hair with some oomph.

6. Healthy Diet.

A healthy diet is vital for the growth of the whole body, hair growth included. Making healthy diet adjustments will really help you achieve the results you desire in a month or two. Most beauty salons encourage their clients to consider a healthy diet for healthy hair growth.

7. Dos and Don’ts

Avoid brushing hair when wet. This is because hair is vulnerable to damages when wet. If you really have to, do it gently. Also, don’t rub the roots very hard while shampooing as it can lead to weak hair.

8. Keeping Safe.

Accessories like rubber bands, hair ties, and hair pins among others can pull and break the hair while being removed. It is also important to tie hair loosely and avoiding hairstyles like back combing, small braids and tight ponytails.

Now that you are in a position to discern the real facts from the myths you heard before, try following these useful tips for a healthy long hair. If you are an EHIC card holder, you can also consider visiting top hair consultants in Europe.


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