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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Let's face it we all love junk food, it makes us feel better, it gives us a rush and it's delicious. But are also aware of the fact that processed foods are bad for you . The reason they exist is because  they are extremely cheaper, they do not go bad so easily and they save a lot of time. If we only eat processed foods we are depriving our body of essential nutritious like minerals, vitamins and fibers, while loading it up with chemicals and letting our body fight to clean up the mess. We should try eating fresh foods whenever we can to help the liver and kidneys flush out the toxins and preservatives.

Salty snacks

You love to snack on potato chips, pretzels and mixed nuts packed with sodium and you also know it's bad. These snacks are full of calories, preservatives and incredibly oily. You can give olives a go! Okay, they may be preserved in salt but you can always give them a little shower under the faucet. Unlike chips they have fiber, important vitamins and they are brain food. If you don't like green olives try other kinds, for example black olives don't have such a strong taste. You can also go for cut up cucumbers with a bit of salt or even crackers are a good alternative, but be sure the crackers have a health-approved stamp on them. Nuts and popcorn can be used as a substitute but make sure they are not drowned in butter and salt.

Sugar cravings

If you're craving chocolate you should indulge yourself a bit but get healthy chocolate. Cocoa beans are full of minerals, antioxidants and they have fiber. Find dark chocolate with 70-85% cocoa because the flavor is so strong you won't eat much of it and you will satisfy the craving. You can also go for fruits, they have fiber, natural sugar and they are delicious. You can make a fruit salad just cut them up and eat them. Don't ruin them by adding sugar, eat them naturally and you will get hooked at how refreshed they make you feel. You can even get a fruit gift basket delivered to your friends to help them get healthy instead of muffing baskets full of processed flower, sugar and chocolate.


Soda does not have any benefits, it's the most unhealthy thing you can put in your body. A study showed that drinking soda causes fatty liver and stores fat around your skeletal muscles. It makes you gain weight, destroys your teeth and packs fat around your tummy area. Many people are so addicted to soda that they don't drinks water because they say it has a strange taste, but this is just a bad habit. Soda will not quench your thirst, your body actually uses up water to digest the sugar. If you really cannot drink pure water there are numerous healthy alternatives to soda. You could go for flavored water, but it's also full of chemicals, sugars and sweeteners. So just make your own! Dice up your favorite fruit, put it in cold water and let it sit for a bit to release the flavor. Teas will hydrate you while also detoxifying your liver and lowering your anxiety. The Chinese have been using the healing properties of teas for centuries to keep their bodies in balance and minds at peace. 


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