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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Hair loss can occur at any stage and it is not only limited to the elderly. The cases of hair fall have been reported and seen in the younger generation with severe effects. 

This has sidelined the notion of hair fall being associated to a certain age group. And if this hair loss is not treated in time, it can grow rampant to take the form of complete baldness.

Hair loss occurs in a fixed pattern in most people. Within males, hair loss starts at the sides of the scalp. This area is called the temples. From here, hair loss starts to grow towards the top and engulfs the center part of the scalp.

Hair loss can now be treated in an effective way. The number of positive results under this procedure has gained confidence of people who are suffering from different forms of baldness.

One of the forms of hair transplant is Follicular Unit Grafting. It is a form of scalp surgery that has proved pretty effective. This surgery is based on the concept that hair grows best when it is in groups. Hair is plucked from other parts of the body in groups and then transplanted on the balding scalp. The hair is planted in groups of 4 which show maximum results of hair regeneration on the balding area.

The dissection of hair from the donor area is done microscopically and is planted on the recipient area. The process takes forward the natural growth of hair form its primary site. Hair growth continues naturally; the only difference being- it is transferred from one area to another.

A second process which is used for hair growth in the affected area is called Follicular Unit Extraction. Under this procedure, follicular units of the hair are extracted from the scalp. The area of extraction in the process is pretty small; of 1mm in diameter. The donor site of the hair is the back of the head. Once extracted, these follicles are tested for natural growth. They are then planted on the recipient area and allowed to grow naturally.

FUE is rather a new technique and leaves behind lesser scars on the scalp. It therefore leaves no traces of hair transplant on the scalp. FUE also causes less pain and has greater positive results. For this reason, it is most suited for people who have to interact with public and also need to wear a thin hair line.

Before going for a hair transplant in Delhi, it is advisable to consult a doctor to assess the damage that has occurred to the scalp. With guided efforts, the best suited surgical processes can be applied on a person’s scalp. Also if the damage is minimal, there are chances of hair re-growth through proper medication.


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