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Thursday, December 25, 2014

We don’t want to overly expose ourselves to the adverse effects of our beloved star, yet we often aspire to achieve that glistening, sun touched look throughout the year. It joyfully reminds us of the warmer days and the mischief's of summer. There are many simple and natural ways of obtaining this appearance. They provide shimmer to your hair and an even toned and healthy looking skin. Get your summer groove on and accompany us on a road to top trick and tips.

Prep your skin

You should definitely try first with the good old staying out to soak some sun rays, but make sure you've done all the necessary preparations. Gently exfoliate to remove the dead skin layer and dirt. Apply the sunblock 15 SPF or higher to the all uncovered areas. Mind the face and the lips, as these are very tender and usually overlooked. If you want an all-around effect, dress in a more revealing bikini to expand the tanning surface.

Sunbathing and after

Don’t stay outside for too long. The recommended schedule is before 11AM and after 4PM. You may think you’re missing out a great portion of the day, but the summer sun is not as harmless as it once was. Administer the sun cream every 90 or 120 minutes max, don’t stretch it. Take a colder shower afterwards to get rid of the excess cream. Use aloe Vera right after this to soothe the skin and lock the tan you gained. Drink hearty amounts of water and get plenty of sleep hours. Beauty sleep is legit!

Make up - choices

If you’re looking for a shortcut or a helping hand in the process, magic of decorative cosmetics always comes in handy if you know how to use it. Enhance your glow with the help of bronzer, highlighter, shimmery lip gloss and discreet colors. Alternatively, you can also resort to fake tan, but don’t overdo it, because rest assured everyone will notice.Upgrade the look with the use of clear mascara, or the one matching your eyelashes color for a delicate, unforced appearance.

Makeup - application

Use bronzer, blush or highlighter on the places sun would reach naturally, such as cheekbone top. Lightly brush the hairline, brow bone and chin area for even placement.  Add some bronzer to the cleavage area too. Pick the bronzer according to your undertone, and moisturize beforehand to protect the skin from drying out. Creamy highlighters are a middle solution here. Unaggressive, warm tones go hand in hand with this look. Lastly, create a sparkly eye impression with a tap of white eye shadow or pencil under your brow bone or in the tear duct spot. And for all methods employed, don’t forget to blend!

Golden highlights

Certainly, hair requires some protection too, but the proper handling can also create a sun striped effect. No need to visit the colorist when the sun is at its best behavior. Take the needed precautionary measures and get them highlights like a pro. Damp your hair with a bit of water and spray it with special solution forlightened effect. Once you’re finished with sunbathing, wash it carefully and don’t utilize too many products.

Health and beauty

Above all, aim for nourishment and protection in the process of obtaining your sun kissed glow. It starts with the obligatory water and sleep treatment, continues with tanning and skin caring practices, and rounds up at the makeup final touches. And remember, less is more!


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