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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Exercise and workouts are one of the best natural ways to keep your mind and body free and happy. Paired with a proper diet, it offers countless benefits that keep you healthy in every way. Doctors all over the world agree that to keep a healthy body and mind, exercise are the best remedies. It also helps in reducing tension and depression. Other than this, fundamental health benefits include normalizing your level of insulin, leptin and glucose by simulating insulin rector sensitivity.

Exercise and workouts also helps your body in various other ways, both directly and indirectly. The side effects even are beneficial to your health and can cure a lot of diseases in your body. Some of its universal benefits are:


1. You will get clearer skin

2. You will experience improved sexual functioning

3. You would encounter improved mood and sleep

4. Exercises also changes gene expressions

Intra workout or pre workout supplements also helps your body produce a constant generation of protein when you are working out. Such supplements can be protein shakes and foods high on protein.

What happens when you exercise or workout?

Now the question is what exactly goes on when you are having an exercise. To explain this mechanism, let’s take a look into a simple example. Suppose you decide to go jogging in the morning, and you start running from the door of your house or a park. This is what happens when running experiences different phases.

As you start off running, your muscle cells starts burning the ATP. When you are carrying a short duration exercise like weightlifting or a 100 meter sprint, phosphagen system activates and supplies energy to your muscle for 8-10 seconds.

Glycogen lactic acis system activates immediately if the exercise continues. This system produces energy for a short distance sprint like a 200 or 400 meter dash. If the exercise continues further, aerobic respiration carries over. His system would produce enough energy to make run a marathon or cross country skiing.

Therefore, your body works mysteriously but amazingly during an exercise or workout to keep providing your body with energy and tone your muscles. However, all the major organs in your system also work together and independently when you are working out. Let’s look into how your organs respond to a exercise session.

Muscles: Muscles contracts and expands when you are working out. To make this changes occur, your body requires a lot of oxygen. Therefore, breathing increases and your heart starts pumping out blood rich with oxygen so that muscles can use it. Lactic acid would form otherwise which is harmful for your health.

Heart: Your Heart starts pumping at a faster rate so as to send your muscles with enriched oxygen content. This faster hear beat helps in decreasing blood pressure as new blood vessels form.

Lungs: as your muscles require more oxygen, your breathing rate increases. The higher your VO2 max is, the fitter you are. VO2 refers to the maximum capacity of oxygen your lungs can use.

Brain: Oxygen rich Blood is also pumped to your brain which results of better functionality of your brain. This is why you feel focused after a workout. Pumping of oxygen enriched blood also promotes growth of new brain cells.


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