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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Day of a modern man differs greatly from that of his ancestors. Men of old were hunters, gatherers, warriors, explorers and conquerors, while the lives of most of people today are rarely anything of sorts. Most people today, live, work and die in one same confined environment day after day, like inmates trapped in a prison of their own habits. The lack of motion or any kind of physical activity can cause a serious health issues and yet this harmful habit continually consumes more and more time as we move towards the future.

Most modern studies show disturbing and somewhat worrying results. They claim that cause of over half of preventable deaths and health issues are caused by a conditions deterring from the way of life too static for a lively nature of man. They claim that just by inducing a bit of everyday physical activity now and then, could prove to be crucial if not life-saving revolution to both our health and our lifestyle. Because a significant number of people today spend countless hours behind their desks in the office, this is a perfect place to start inducing this positive change.

Making your commute more interesting

A perfect place to start this activity-adding would be by changing your everyday commute. By switching to an alternative, healthier form of transportation, like running, walking or bike riding might be all the change you need to make your day more productive, diverse and beneficial for the general state of your body. This idea, apart from being healthy, is also excellent for your home budget, since there will be no more fuel expenses, car repairs or bus or subway ticket purchases for you, but it is also extremely eco-friendly. Truly a win-win situation.

A healthier workstation

Changing the way that you get to work is not the only thing needing improvement in this field. Changing your workspace might be the most effective and simplest change that you can make in your life and yet with an outstanding results on your general health. By creating an ergonomic workstation, that will enable you to completely utilize your surroundings to your benefit, you have much to gain.
These radical, positive changes will improve both efficiency with which you do your job, as well as enable you safer, more healthy work environment. It would be both wise and beneficial if you would use your station as a setup, which allows you to perform a quick set of exercises that often only take a minute or so of your time. Truly something worth thinking about.

A healthy break

Try transforming your break into an exercise time, by yourself or with the help of your colleagues. Use this time to stretch and exercise and this will ensure that both your health and your work benefit greatly. As aforementioned, you need not do this alone. With just a bit of support and willingness from your colleagues, you may even make a group exercises that would not only affect your health and fitness in a positive manner, but also bring you all closer together, thus making a work environment that is quite soothing and good for your mental health also.

With just a bit of effort and determination on your side, you will be able, in no time, to transform your workspace into a healthy and fun place that you will look forward going to. Truly a unique notion that is worth striving towards and worth any effort, in order to make it come to life.


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