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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

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Hair is one of the first things we notice when we meet someone so naturally we all want a good head of hair. Men and women invest a lot of time and money to get that perfect luscious hair. The damage hair has to take from chemicals and styling tools cannot be repaired since it just dead cells. The only way to deal with the sustained damage is to grow it out, so you need to take proper precautions if you want to have healthy, thick hair.  

Hair Nutrients

If you take into account that your hair grows thanks to the nutrients you eat, it’s obvious that a proper diet will lead to healthy hair. Lean red meat and soybeans have zinc and iron that build hair follicles and vitamin D and B speed up growth. Protein also promotes growth, repair and keeps it from breaking easily and omega-3 acids that are found in fatty fish, keep it silky. Also, to feed and protect your hair do Moroccanoil treatments regularly and some people see a difference when using homemade masks.

Reduce the Heat

Women love playing with their look by using flat irons and curling irons and this is fine if used in moderation. When you apply heat to your hair water evaporates, you destroy the protein and natural oils that protect it so the cuticle and shaft get fried, making your hair brittle and less shiny. Avoiding heat and letting your hair dry naturally is the best way to go. If you need to style it you must use product with silicon that protect your hair from heat damage. Also, you must invest in quality styling tools that have ceramic coating and never use the highest setting.

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Avoid Chemicals

Perms and relaxers do their job by breaking hair bonds and changing the hair’s structure. You’re lucky if these treatments only leave you with weakened hair.
If the stylist isn’t well trained it can cause hair loss, infections and scalp irritation. When you dye your hair the ammonia lifts the cuticle allowing peroxide to penetrate and break down your pigment. The chemicals will keep the cuticle up and destroy your hair shaft, so even though your hair looks healthy and shiny it’s still weaker. If you do decide to treat your hair chemically you should find a professional with high credentials that you know you can trust.

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Leave It Be

Many have greasy hair and tend to wash it every day but when you do this you send signals to the skin to produce even more oil. Also, hair is more susceptible to damage when wet so never brush it unless it has conditioner in it. When you wash it use mild shampoos so it doesn’t get dry. As for the washing technique, never scratch your scalp because you will be damaging the skin, the follicles and the hair, so it’s better to gently massage the scalp instead. Never rub your wet hair with a towel because you cause friction and damage, so just dab it and keep it wrapped in the towel. Hair is best left alone, when you fiddle with it, tie it in a ponytail or a bun it breaks and you get split ends.


Since cold leads to damage, keep your hair tucked in your jacket when it’s cold and windy. Synthetic materials and dry air cause static that your hair could do without, so best stick to natural fibres, get a wooden brush and use humidifiers.

Taking the proper precautions with hair is a must. You can’t expect it to be strong and healthy if you constantly expose it to stress and ruthless chemicals so be gentle to your scalp, keep feeding the follicles and you will certainly see a big difference.


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