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Saturday, May 2, 2015

A fitness program for women would mean many things to many women and that is not surprising at all. The reason for this is that these days there is no dearth of fitness regimes and anything and everything seems to be a part of fitness training methods available for women. As a result, confusion and multiple interpretations with a variety of results are just everyday occurrences.

This article will present forth a total of seven tips that have been termed as the all-time greats among fitness exercises for women.

Tone up through the treadmill: This is one cinch of a workout. Basically, what you need is to just hop on a treadmill while holding either a three- or a five-pound dumbbell in each hand. Then progress ahead to a brisk walk from the hop and start doing a medley of exercises such as shoulder presses, bicep curls, triceps extensions, side laterals and front laterals. The video given below shows a succinct demonstration.

Do wall sits after a session of running: Quite explanatory, however, the video given below shows how to perform a wall sit after having completed a session of running.

Maintain a fitness report card: In other words, tabulate your progress on a monthly basis. Keep track of your weight every month and construct a workout time table to be followed every single day. Side-step squats: Do side-step squats along with performing the motion of chopping wood. In order to perform the motion of chopping wood, hold either a three- or a four-pound medicine ball with both hands. Bring the ball down at the exact moment you perform the side-step squat. The video given below demonstrates how to perform a side-step squat.

Go for tuck jumps: These are fast, intensive jumps resembling the motion of performing squats. Therefore, all the benefits of performing squats are present along with the work on the overall body owing to the speed at which the jumping is done. Have a look at the video given below.

Go all the way on abdominal crunches: Now, shed all inhibitions about the benefit of a particular type of a crunch and perform abdominal crunches in a manner that you don’t relax your abs while you lower your chest away from your knees. Take a look at the video below. Notice the way in which the trainer is performing the exercise.

Paddle standing up for those toned arms: This is the latest exercise to hit the block but is already turning out to be one of the most effective ones. The video given here shows how to do stand-up paddling.

Stand-up paddling is quite a rage among celebrities with the likes of Jennifer Aniston claiming it to be their favorite choice for an enjoyable workout. A variant of stand-up paddling is the longboard paddling which is simply hopping on to a longboard and paddling down the road with a paddle! The video given below aptly demonstrates longboard paddling.

These tips come under some of the best ever fitness tips for women to have ever been given. However, the tips in themselves are quite useless unless they get implemented. Hence, it is quite clear that in order to perform wonderfully in terms of maintaining fitness, an overall zeal must be there. This is because in the absence of such a zeal; workouts will become a mundane affair leading to little or no results at all. That is certainly an unwanted element in the fitness quotient for any woman. The current trend is that of getting toned bodies and tips such as these, after they have been implemented, go a long way towards maintaining a fantastic fitness journey.

About the Author: The author is an acclaimed fitness expert and a former competitive sprinter with a history of having performed some of the most innovative workouts ever. A gifted writer, this author spends his time in gathering and handing out useful fitness tips for men and women. For this article, the author has taken the reference of