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Friday, July 24, 2015

Many people are injured on the job each year, and the result of these injuries may be pain, suffering, medical bills, and loss of income. 

Injuries may occur in high-risk occupations, such as construction but can also occur in retail positions and desk jobs. Many injuries can be prevented when proper precautions are taken, and these are some ways that you can protect your health while on the job.

Use Proper Body Mechanics

Whether you are typing at the computer or lifting heavy boxes, there are proper body mechanics you can use that may minimize the risk of injury. Everything from over-use with repetitive motions, to using the wrong muscle group when performing certain activities can lead to injury. If you’re lucky, your employer may provide you with helpful tips about body mechanics during training. Always think about your alignment, your head, shoulders, hips, knees and toes should all be in line with each other.

Use the Right Safety Equipment and Gear

With some positions, you may be required to use safety gear and equipment. For example, welders may use protective eye wear and gloves. Your employer may be required to provide some gear and equipment for safety, and you should follow all of the rules established with regards to when and where to use those items.


Follow Usage Instructions for Equipment and Machines

In some jobs, you may need to use equipment, machines, or tools that could be dangerous if not used properly. There may be a risk of electrocution, falling, impact, or another type of injury if the correct instructions are not followed. Take time to learn how to use the equipment properly and follow the rules precisely. If you haven’t been trained on a certain machine make sure your employers knows and can give you the training or certification first.

Observe Your Environment 

There are also some environmental hazards in the workplace you may need to be aware of like a wet floor, or if an electrical cord is frayed there may be a risk of injury from electrocution or fire. By being observant of your environment, you may be able to avoid some environmental hazards and be safer. If you notice any dangerous conditions you can also notify your employer.

Seek Help When Needed

There may be instances when you feel unsafe or unsure about some of the tasks you need to perform, or equipment you need to use. When in doubt, it is always best to seek assistance and guidance from higher-ups.

Workplace injuries are unfortunately common. If you have been impacted by an on-the-job injury, you can learn more about your rights from a personal injury attorney or malpractice lawyer like
McLaughlin &Lauricella, P.C. You can also follow these tips to prevent injuries from happening and keep your health in check.


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