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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

We often hear it said that sugar is white poison, and if you didn't take it seriously until now, it’s time you changed your view. 

Believe it or not, sugar is one of the worst enemies for your health, waistline, teeth, internal organs and overall well-being, for several reasons. Here, we have a list of downsides to sugar-loaded products, so take a quick look and see for yourself just why you should consider giving up sugar or curbing your daily intake of it for the sake of a healthier lifestyle.

Empty calories: No nutritive value whatsoever

Simple sugar contains no healthy or vital nutritive value whatsoever, which is why calories consumed through it are called ‘empty calories’. Free of proteins, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats, sugar is an instant source of energy which is bad for your health for two main reasons: firstly, the energy you get from simple sugars is short-lived and secondly, it powers not only you, but also the bacteria found in your oral cavity, which can lead to decay of both your teeth and your body through nutrient deficiency.

The fructose peril: Liver overload and

Sugar we consume daily consists of two simple sugars, glucose and fructose. While glucose is a chemical component found in 100% percent of living cells in the world and is normally produced in a human body, fructose is unnecessary sugar we eat on a daily basis that can get accumulated in the liver through regular intake in the form of glycogen. In order to metabolize the built-up sugar quantities, the human liver transforms glycogen into fat, which can result in a number of medical conditions and health problems. A group of conditions known as non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases triggered by excessive intake of sugar includes some serious illnesses like fatty liver, high cholesterol, fibrosis and cirrhosis.

Added sugar and insulin resistance: Toxic side-effects

A critical hormone produced in the human body, insulin ensures adequate metabolic exchange of matter in the bloodstream. Incase of sugar overload, insulin becomes incapable of performing its balancing role in the body, which can lead to accumulation of toxins, insulin resistance and serious medical conditions like diabetes type 2, obesity, metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular diseases. This is one of the reasons why you should consider swapping simple sugars for healthier sugar free products: by adjusting your diet, you will be deterring a long list of health problems and potentially even prolonging your life.

A sweet addiction: Sugar calls for more sugar

Due to the increased dopamine release upon consumption, sugar can cause a psychological addition similar to that obtained through regular intake of narcotics. For people susceptible to addictions, added sugar can be a fatality in disguise as this type of addiction is extremely hard to shake. That’s why most doctors and nutritionists recommend a balanced diet with minimum sugar quantities: once you get addicted to sugar, a range of health problems is just around the corner.

Food for cancer: The link between sugar and malignant tumor

One of the common causes of an increasing number of fatalities across the globe, cancer is often triggered by and aggravated through metabolic problems associated with lack of insulin balance and frequent inflammations. In cancer, cells get multiplied uncontrollably and they require extra energy to keep growing and reproducing – and sugar is precisely the source of fast energy conducive to cancer progression. By consuming excess sugar, you may be adding coal to the flames of a potential cancerogenic condition, so make sure you start watching your sweet cravings before it’s too late.

Convinced yet? Sugar is a common cause of a constantly growing number of conditions and diseases, some of which can have a fatal outcome if not treated on time. By keeping tabs on your daily sugar intake, you will be doing a favor to your mind, body and longevity – so why just not start doing that today?