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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Keeping an active lifestyle can be a challenge. Between soccer practices, long hours at the office, or lack of good health and energy, it can takes it’s toll on our bodies when we remain inactive. 
It’s important to find the time to get your heartbeat up and your body in motion. But you say, ‘I have a broken foot, surely my bed rest is a good enough excuse that I can skip a few workouts this month’.

Working out with a broken foot isn't the simplest of tasks, but there are still ways to get a good workout with a broken foot or sprained ankle. Your orthopedic foot and ankle surgeon wants to see patients active and physically fit, but not at the risk of an injury not healing properly. There are many exercises you can do, even while in bed, during your recovery time.

Arm and Shoulder Exercises

While the lower half of your body needs time and rest to recover, the upper body can be used to it’s full potential. These arm toning exercises can be done right from your bed. Don’t have any weights? Use random objects around the house; books, candles, be creative!

Each of these arm and shoulder exercises should be done with without rest between each set, complete 10-12 reps per exercise. Once you’ve completed a set, take a minute or two for rest and water breaks, then repeat the circuit of exercises 3-4 times for a full upper-body workout.

Bent Over Dumbbell Rows

Stand hip-width apart, or laying over the edge of the bed, with back parallel to the floor. Shoulders should be strong and back straight. With dumbells or random weighted object in hand, begin pulling them up by bending your elbows out to the side. Remember to keep your shoulder blades pinched together in the back. Don’t let your chest collapse in as you lower the weight to the starting position, control the movement.

Chest Fly Hand Off

Start on your back with your knees slightly bent, for more difficulty lift your feet off the ground keeping them parallel with floor. Stretch out your arms on each side with elbows slightly bent. With a dumbbell in hand, bring your hand towards the center and switch the object to the other hand then back down. Each handoff counts as one rep.
Shoulder Cycles

This exercise can begin with feet shoulder width apart, if performing this exercise in bed, sit up with your back as straight and tall as possible. Next start with weights in hand stretched right out in front of the chest (hands facing in, arms parallel to floor). Open your arms to your side at a 180 degree angle, then drop them down to sides. Repeat this three step motion. Continue to control the motion at each step, creating your own resistance at each step.

Tricep Extension

Keep your body in the same position as the previous exercise, sitting back straight or standing hip-width apart. Hold the weight in both hands and lift your arms straight above your head (upper arms should sit right at the ears). Keep your elbows fixed and drop the weight behind your head. Then bring the weight back to the starting position. If the exercise is too easy, use a weight in each hand.
When Can I Start Foot and Ankle Exercises?

Each foot and ankle injury is different and requires certain healing times. We caught up with Dr. John Cory, orthopedic foot surgeon Phoenix, to ask him about the transition back to your pre injury exercise routine. “I treat many professional athletes that are eager to get back into training and workouts after a foot injury. My suggestion is to take your time to let your body heal. When your physician gives you the ok, start slow with hyperextension stretches that extend the muscle tissue.”

How Do you Stay Active?

The beauty of exercise is that there are many different ways to keep active. What exercises have you found that work for you while on bed rest from a broken foot or sprained ankle? What helpful exercises do you want readers to know about? We’d love to hear from you!

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Dr. John Cory is a board certified, fellowship trained, orthopedic foot & ankle surgeon
at the OrthoArizona Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Center. The OrthoArizona Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Center team is passionate about their approach to the care of patients.


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