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Monday, May 2, 2016

So far no one has managed to eat the hottest sandwich in the world which is 400 times hotter than "Tabasco" sauce!

The sandwich "Burning Hell" is in the menu of the restaurant "The sandwich shop" in Cheshire, and the employees have to wear two pairs of gloves when they prepare the sandwich. So we can imagine how hot this sandwich can be.

The sandwich is 250 times hotter than the  Jalapeno peppers or 400 times hotter than "Tabasco" sauce.

"We wanted something extraordinary, something that will awake the people, because here people often come right after the night parties and they need a product that will beat their hangover," said Simon Nash, the man who invented the sandwich.

Inside the sandwich there are Jalapeno peppers, onions, cheese and two hellish hot peppers.


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