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Sunday, January 29, 2017

While working hard to build muscles, it is but natural to get lured by mass gaining supplements when one doesn't get the desired results or wants to achieve the goals faster. Since they are high-calorie supplements promoted to build muscle, there is nothing wrong with using them. But, they might not work the same way for every person thus causing certain side effects, some even chemically proven. Therefore, you might as well want to consult a doctor before you start adding them to your diet.

Don't believe us, huh? Here, take a look at these 8 harmful facts that no one will tell you about  mass gaining supplements.

#1 – Rapid fat gain

Mass gaining supplements initial purpose is to provide additional calories in varying amounts of carbohydrates, protein, and fat. Reason being, to promote mass gain, it requires 2200 to 3200 caloric intake per day. If in case you are not able to cope up with these calorie needs, a mass gaining supplement can help the body to meet those needs varying from person to person with an additional age factor. However, if you do not require those additional calories and you start consuming them, it results in a rapid fat gain instead of the muscle mass. A risk, definitely not worth taking unless you're sure about the fact whether you require such supplements or not.

#2 – Dehydration

Consuming mass gaining supplement without eating enough carbohydrates can push the body into ketosis. It is a state in which the body produces an excess of toxic ketones. This happens when the body begins to utilize the body fat to use it as energy. Thus, driving the kidneys into overdrive trying to get rid of this toxic substance through urine. This, in turn, results in immediate loss of water from the body, increasing risk of dehydration. Since you already might be losing a lot of fluid through sweat during exercise, the latter, it can lead to serious problems. Dizziness, bad breath, and lethargy are some other side effects too.

#3 – Heart disease

High protein mass gaining supplement diet can result in heart disease and this has been proven by several research works. It has been found that these supplements usually use full dairy products, thus increasing the risk to acquire a cardiovascular disease. For this very reason, it becomes of grave importance to include foods that can help decrease that effect. However, continuous use of mass gaining supplements may cause serious issues that even eating healthy food might not help. So, choose wisely or stop right now.

#4 – Bone loss

When a person consumes high levels of protein, it generates a large amount of acid in the body due to excess of sulfates and phosphates which are introduced through the supplements. The kidney works hard to restore the balance of acids in the body by excreting more of it. At the same time, the skeleton releases calcium, which is lost through urine as a buffer. Thus, eventually resulting in loss of calcium from the bones which increases the risk of bone-related problems for the future, especially in women. To deal with this situation a diet with high alkaline fruits and vegetables can help to counteract the effect. You can switch to natural Xtremeno muscle enhancer supplements if you can't do without supplements, but with no such side effects.

#5 – Upset stomach

Since the mass gaining supplements main ingredients include various types of proteins, they can often result in causing digestive problems. Gas pain, indigestion, nausea and heat burns are a few to name among many. The reason why such thing happens is because proteins like whey and casein are derived from milk, towards which people may be intolerant or due to the weakness of the digestive system. Whereas, consuming these supplements along with low fiber diet can also result in constipation. If this problem persists for a long period of time, do consult your doctor as soon as possible. As this condition can result in colorectal cancers. Better late than never.

#6 – Kidney damage

Mass gaining supplements usually supply 22 to 35% of the protein in comparison to 60 % in the protein powders. Despite that, an increased intake of these supplements with high levels of protein can put an increased strain on the kidneys. It is all due to the excess of waste product called ketones generated because of supplement specific diet and the need to excrete them. Therefore, this can lead to reduced kidney function of healthy people if followed for a long time. Whereas for those with already reduced kidney function, this stress may worsen the condition.

#7 – Liver damage

These mass gaining supplements have the power to negatively affect the kidneys and the liver. The reason due to which the damage is inflicted on the liver is because of the important role it plays in metabolizing the protein consumed. Yellowish colored eyes and skin, clay-colored stools and pain in the upper right side of the stomach proclaim the symptoms of liver damage. If you are going through this right now believing it will pass, trust us, go right away and consult your doctor. Also stop using the supplement if you wish to get better.

#8 – Breast cancer

Soy protein supplements are another great way to add-on weight in the form of lean muscles. But, if you've begun consuming too much of it, then the right moment to stop is now. Excessive consumption of this particular supplement and breast cancer in women share a very strong relation. Being rich in estrogen hormones, this supplement upsets the natural estrogen level in the body which eventually promotes development of breast cancer. Those with a strong family history or genetically susceptible to breast cancer needs to stay more cautious while using soy based mass gainers. Instead, why not try Xtremeno natural muscle enhancer to build as well as preserve muscle mass in a safe way.

Are you still willing to take permanent risks for temporary satisfaction? We hope not! So, do think twice before getting yourself another mass gainer. Choose healthily and stay safe!


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