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Monday, January 22, 2018

Do you feel dragged to complete one hour of heavy workouts? Whom do you blame it on? The instructor, the lack of sleep the night before, the job pressure or any other external factors? So, before blaming the external factors, it is better to know the amount of nutrition you have provided to the body before work-out.

Are you on the right track? It is quite a concerning matter that you will never end up with your targeted weight loss unless you provide your body with the required nutrition.

‘Rather than thinking carbohydrates as the six-pack’s enemy, make them as your energizer.’

Yes, you have read it right!! Carbs are fuel for the muscles, and you cannot work hard without them.
To make it as your energizer simply means it is better to go on the low-carb diet before your workout and not with the huge intake.

Why is it so?

Your body breaks carbohydrate molecules into glucose which then carried to your muscles to store it in glycogen centers. Once your body’s energy begins to dip, the stored glucose is then converted into energy. Please ensure to consume healthy low-carb diet and entirely avoid sugar based like candies and doughnuts.

So, now it’s time to schedule the right low-carb diet for you.
Here is the low-carb diet I always have before my workout, and you will also gain with it as I did for sure.

1)    Time matters the most

Low-carb diet keeps your blood sugar levels stabilized. But this will only happen when you consume at a particular time without raising the blood sugar levels to a mountain. And the time is immediately before the exercise.

It is said that a meal of around 500-600 calories for a man with 170lb will be sufficient to work out heavily for a fat loss program. Just check with your individual requirement along with the timing.
Bananas are the richest source of simple carbohydrates, natural sugars and potassium. It will be a good idea if you consume banana around 30 minutes before workout. This is because the potassium in banana will be stored in the body for a less amount of duration. Banana also boosts your glycogen stores and maintains blood sugar levels.

When I started my diet plan, I was wandering online to get the right supplement that keeps me safe, healthy, fit and that can be consumed before a heavy workout. Then I ended up with the best product XtremeNO Natural Muscle Gain Supplement and the xtreme no muscle review helped with an ultimate solution your weight loss program.

2)    No-No to processed carbs

If you rely on low-carb diet, never get addicted to shakes, ice creams, sandwiches, candy or the foods with lot of preservatives and processed ingredients. Ingesting such foods may impact you with the required energy for a massive workout, but you will never lose weight but gain more.

Unprocessed ones are really good carbs or unrefined as they are slow in releasing energy whereas the refined carbs are quickly absorbed by the body before you rush to the gym.

Rice and stereotypical healthy meal chicken have complex carbohydrates and are good source of lean protein. So consuming it before 2-3 hours of workout provides amino acids to enhance muscle anabolism and releases energy slowly.

3)    Make the best choice for the supplements

The first thing you need to remember is that, when you start with a low-carb diet, you are going to crave for more carbs for sure. But when you choose the right supplement that curb craving, there your health and fitness go up. The best supplement I have found with natural ingredients that helps lose weight was through xtreme no muscle review. The supplement has a blunt effect in raising insulin of eating carbs and regulates the blood sugar for a safe muscle mass improvement.

4)    Keep your body hydrated

Drinking adequate water not only helps to reduce carbohydrates cravings. It is quite good for beta-oxidation to burn the fat and also you lose extra stored water in your body as carbohydrates stores are shed so that you will require more from a diet.

Drinking water doesn’t mean you can consume drinks having artificial flavors and sugars. So before you start drinking from packaged bottles, be sure to read the label for all the ingredients and additives.

5)    Continue low-carb diet for long

It takes time to come to a conclusion as to which carb works best for you and which doesn’t. Some individuals can perform a heavy workout even with a bowl of oatmeal before exercising, but some can’t perform without a heavy meal. It’s said that your hunger depends on the type of carbs you eat before workout.

Some of the low-carb diet I prefer is one turkey wrap with veggies and coconut oil, two hard-boiled eggs, six ounces of grilled chicken, salmon and walnuts.

6)    Never leave fiber

If you are on a low-carb diet, you can eat dark leafy and non-starchy vegetables. But be sure about the time when you have the starchy veggies like sweet potato, beetroot etc. Also, you can have citrus fruits, and other fiber-rich fruit as it is an inevitable requirement of the body.

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