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Thursday, October 17, 2013

High levels of protein in the dietary supplements cause serious side effects, such as nausea, and they cause damage to the kidneys and liver, the British Dietetic Association (BDA ) reports.


It is expected that in the near future in the UK packaging of the supplements used by athletes to have a special sign of dangerous to health. It is not yet decided whether all the possible side effects will be listed or not.

As you know, our body needs protein for the growth of the muscles so many people who make exercise in the gyms and athletes use protein supplements to stimulate the metabolism and growth of muscle tissue. Using protein supplements disrupts the proper nutrition and the kidneys of the bodybuilders may be three to four times more burdened.


Bodybuilders in the west use special supplements to reduce the risk to the kidneys,and take frequent breaks in the use of protein supplements.Users do not know action of the supplements and the possible side effects so that they can get kidney failure(renal failure).That can happen in just five years of use.

BDA believes that people can get enough protein from the chicken and milk.People forget that the synthetic proteins have many unnatural properties.There are plenty of studies that say that people who get muscle mass fast due to protein cocktails when they stop to train they lose
gained weight fast at the expense of the muscles.

Only 2g per kilogram of the body weight proteins should be used.In other words, a man of 80kg should only use 160g of protein a day.

Source: BDA UK


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