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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Apricot is very useful for patients with heart problems. Also very useful for defense against infection, strengthens teeth and bones, improves vision,and
repairs tissue. If used before a meal, a good influence provides on brewing, and because of the iron content it should be used on the menu of patients who have low blood count ...


Apricot due to its composition is very nutritional and medicinal fruit.Contains mostly the vitamins C,B complex vitamins and beta -carotene ( provitamin A).From the minerals potassium is in high quantity,then calcium,magnesium,phosphorus,sulfur and iron.Dietary fiber is very little.Hundred grams apricots energy value is 44 kcal, which is more than the quince,raspberry,watermelon and cantaloupe, but a lot less than apples,pears,bananas and medlars.Dried apricot and peach has a much higher energy value and has high levels of minerals and vitamins.However,while healthy people can eat it in any form,patients with diabetics and patients with high cholesterol values should not eat them in dry form​,they should only eat them fresh.

Due to the high content of potassium (370mg in 100g) and low sodium content(only 0.8mg per 100g ),as well as its impact on lowering bad cholesterol,apricot acts beneficial in patients with diseased heart and high blood pressure.Fresh juice of apricot is used in fever, skin diseases and burns.

Today there are many effective medications available,but due to weakening of the ozone layer, the influence of apricot to protect the skin from the aging effects of the sun is extremely popular. Apricot juice, it is not only tasty and refreshing, but also accelerates the discharge of toxic substances from the body.

Apricot is mostly used for the production of juices,jams and compotes.It is also used as dried.In the food industry apricot seed is used as a substitute for almond.The amaro liqueur is made from the apricot seed.In the cosmetics industry apricot seed is used for preparations intended for dry and sensitive mature skin.

When shopping,check that the fruits are fully mature and to have light orange color.Green apricots,do not have the
characteristic properties of the mature apricot.Processed fruit can be used throughout the year,but you should not miss its fresh consumption.


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