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Sunday, November 24, 2013

The cinnamon extract, in the folk medicine has been known for its curative properties, especially for people with heart disease, urinary tract infections and poor digestion. Its effect on weight loss and blood sugar regulation has undergone a scientific verification.


Cinnamon extract, dissolved in water, thanks to antioxidants protects the body from diabetes, heart disease and helps in weight loss, say their American scientists of the Ministry of Agriculture(USDA), from the Research Center for problems of human nutrition Beltsville. The same opinions have their French colleagues from the Univerzitea Zozef Furies.

These results were obtained after 12 - weeks of research on obese volunteers,who have disrupted blood glucose levels and insulin resistance.Respondents received by 250mg of cinnamon extract dissolved in water twice a day with the usual diet.


By analyzing blood samples was found that the cinnamon extract improved the antioxidant effect for 13-23 %.Increased level of antioxidants in the blood was associated with a decrease in blood glucose levels.Doctors have concluded that the use of cinnamon in the diet can significantly decrease oxidative stress and favorably affect the regulation of glucose,thereby improving the condition of diabetics and obese people lose weight easier.


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