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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sauerkraut is recognized as one of the most useful probiotics. Did you know that several centuries back sailors traditionally carried with them
sauerkraut on long journeys.

It was observed that the use of these foods during long trips in terms of extreme uniformity of food can maintain immunity to such a level that the sailors remained healthy even in the toughest weather conditions and during a number of epidemics.

The fermentation creates favorable conditions for the reproduction of the beneficial bacteria that lives on the leaves of the cabbage. If we eat the whole head of the
sweet cabbage we get a small number of these bacteria,but during pickling this number is increasing so much that sauerkraut becomes a real probiotic.Many may be suprised but the beneficial effect of the cabbage on human health is much greater than most of artificially formed probiotics thanks to new medical knowledge and new technologies.


By the way, the view that the sailors were saved from scurvy mainly because of the orange, is a myth. In most cases it was the sauerkraut, which is richer in vitamin C than citrus.Even the occasional consumption of these foods can normalize bowel operation,strengthen the immune system,increase vitality and improve mood.Improves metabolism,reduces the risk of ulcers,gastritis,and even some types of cancer - if you eat sauerkraut you can fairly protect your health.

This is an example that the modern medicine actively finds the means to prevent the disease,which are already known to our ancestors - and doctors still continue to strongly reject the" folk " remedies . Each man must decide how to protect himself against the disease, but we must know that there is always an alternative to drugs.


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