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Monday, November 4, 2013

The cabbage is biologically a very valuable food. Since ancient times, it is used as food and medicine. Modern research has confirmed the curative properties of this vegetable.

The composition of cabbage:

This vegetable does not contain a large amount of carbohydrate(4%), has a little protein(1.4%),negligible fat(0.2%),plenty of water(93%) and a solid amount of dietary fiber(2 to 2.8 %).The calorific value is small(100g white cabbage gives 30kcal,the red cabbage 37).

It contains a large amounts of vitamin C and all B vitamins,then A, K and PP vitamins,as well as much carotene.It contains plenty of minerals potassium,calcium,phosphorus,magnesium and iron.

Treats ulcers:

Daily intake of fresh cabbage juice accelerates the healing of ulcers.Patients who used this simple remedy against ulcers healed four times faster than those treated with conventional therapy.In duodenal ulcer healing is three times faster compared to the conventional treatment.

Cabbage has compounds that stimulate the creation of mucous barrier that protects the lining of the aggressive action of acid.And acts as an antibiotic - destroying certain bacteria including Helicobacter pylori,which is associated with the development of an ulcer.

Acting against cancer:

Cabbage is effective in the prevention of gastric cancer.People who eat often,almost every day  have a small risk of developing this disease.It is not required a large amounts of cabbage.It is important to eat as often as possible.The optimal dose would be one-third cup of raw or two tablespoons of cooked cabbage,but every day.

Thanks to the large amount of indole,cabbage might positively affect colon cancer.People who often eat a salad of sweet or sour cabbage rarely suffer from this form of cancer.
Eating cabbage daily can protect you from lung cancer.Looks like the cabbage " prefers " women, because the risk of lung cancer in those women who eat it often is reduced seven times,while at men three times.

For healthy breasts:

New research shows that eating cabbage and other vegetables from the cruciferous species(cauliflower,broccoli) helps reduce negative changes in the breast. This vegetable accelerates metabolism and affects the faster ejection of estrogen from the body.It is known that estrogen affects the increase of nodules in the breast.


Women who have a slow metabolism of estrogen are at greater risk of getting hormone dependent breast cancer tumor and uterus.The cabbage accelerates the ejection of estrogen and reduces the risk of cancer. Women from Asia rarely suffer from breast cancer,and thats because they eat a lot of vegetables from the cruciferous species.For better results it is necessary to be eaten raw or boiled briefly.

Rich in antioxidants:

A significant source of antioxidants.This protects the genetic material of cells and prevents them from turning into malignant. The high content of carotene reduces the risk of cataracts.Prevents damage to the nerve cells so that reduces the risk of Parkinson's disease.Reduces inflammatory processes and is recommended for people who suffer from asthma and arthritis.Man have to eat it because it reduces the damage to the sperm and increase fertility.

Beneficial for hypertension:

Prevents the increase of blood pressure.People who suffer from this disease should eat it as unsalted salad.The cabbage belongs to a small group of vegetables that has more potassium than sodium which affects the lowering of blood pressure. This effect is reduced if you eat it with to much salt.

Say goodbye to osteoporosis:

Low in sodium and favorable balance of calcium and phosphorus allows the maximum utilization of calcium.The bones become stronger,which is especially important for children.Stronger bones in adolescence reduces the risk of osteoporosis in later age.Post-menopausal women are prone to this disease,and should in their diet should include cabbage.

Reduce Weight:

It is not only a low calorie food,but slows down the conversion of carbohydrates and other food ingredients in fat.This makes it an ideal food for people who want to reduce weight.

Disadvantages of boiled cabbage:

Boiled cabbage can cause cramps and bloating in the stomach,the situation gets worse in people who have diarrhea,sometimes even causes stomach pain in people who do not have a problem with the digestive organs.Deteriorates condition of patients suffering from Crohn's disease.Much more easily is digested when cooked without water - steamed or with the addition of cumin.Prolonged cooking destroys the greater part of medicinal substances.


  1. Cabbage is a great tasting remedy to boot!
    Red/white cabbage, curly cabbage, Brussels sprouts Kale and all of it's family.
    I include cabbage in some form at least once a week into my menu.
    I try to stick to local or organic produce whenever possible.
    Sooooo yummy and soooo healthy