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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

To grow your hair properly,you need to regularly receive certain vitamins.These are the vitamins that will promote hair growth:

Vitamins from the " B " group


Vitamin " B3 " - This vitamin nurtures the hair follicles and stimulates blood circulation to the scalp.You can find this vitamin in chicken, fish and wheat germ.

● Vitamin " B5 " - Prevents the creation of white hair and hair loss,and accelerates hair growth.Foods rich in vitamin D are egg yolks of eggs,beer yeast and organic meats.

Vitamin " B6 " - Prevents hair loss and helps in the conversion of amino acids into niacin.Also,this vitamin promotes the production of melanin in the body ( melanin gives the hair color ).Sources of this vitamin are chicken,pork,oat flakes,avocado,yeast and sunflower seeds.


Vitamin " B12 " - This is the key vitamin for hair growth.Not only supports the growth of new hair,but necessary it is for the health of the skin and nails.Biotin helps in the development of cells using other vitamins to prevent hair loss.This vitamin is present in the beer yeast,whole grains,egg yolks,milk and rice.

● Vitamin " B9 " - allows rapid development of cells and better blood circulation to the scalp.The best sources of this vitamin are green leafy vegetables,whole grains,legumes and soy.

Vitamin "A" - This antioxidant helps in the formation of healthy sebum in the hair (sebum is responsible for the moisture to the hair roots).Rich sources of this vitamin are meat,cheese,milk,eggs, spinach,cabbage,carrot,apricot,peach and all other vegetables with yellow,red and orange color.

Vitamin "C" - This is another antioxidant that contributes to the overall health of the hair.Rich sources are citrus,kiwi,cantaloupe, pineapple,tomatoes and all vegetables with dark green color.


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