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Thursday, November 28, 2013

There are seven habits that you should not do after a meal, so faster and easier will be the processing of the food in the body.


● If you smoke, avoid smoking a cigarette after a meal. In fact, studies show that one cigarette after the meal has the same effect as ten cigarettes (comes to increased risk of cancer).

● Do not eat fruits immediately,because it can cause belching.The best time for fruits to eat is one or two hours after the meal or one hour before a meal.

● If you want tea,it would be wise to avoid it after a meal because it contains high levels of acid which affect the hardening of the protein that you have consumed with the food.Therefore,the food will become harder to digest.


● Release the belt after a meal because it can cause entanglement and can block the intestines.

● Having a bath after meals causes increased blood flow to the hands,legs and body,and therefore it reduces the amount of blood around the stomach area,which causes harder digestion.

● You've probably heard that walking after a meal is one of the best things you can do.But that's not true.Walking after eating prevents the absorption of the nutrients from the food you have consumed.

● If you go to sleep after a meal,the food can not be properly digested.It can cause ulcers and infections in the stomach and intestines.