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Monday, December 2, 2013

The black and red currants are small and delicious berries which will improve your health significantly.

Black currant - Ribes nigrum


The black currant is an herb that which is similar to the red currant. The difference is that the leaves of the black currant at the bottom have oil glands.

The flowers of the black currant are yellowish-green,and red-brown edges.The berries are red-brown on top and when they get mature they get dark blue color,like a blue plum.

Curative effect: with the decent amount of vitamin C,the fruit of the black currant prevents and recoveres from severe infections,mostly from pneumonia.Fruits and juices are highly beneficial in kidney diseases and pain in the organs of digestion.

It is recommended for strengthening and cleaning the blood.The leaves initiate useful act in the kidneys and all the occurrences of rheumatic diseases and gout,and preventing blood clots in the blood vessels.


Tea from the leaves of the black currant is recommended for edema, painful urination,diarrhea,headache,coughing convulsively,and against diseases of the bladder.

Red currant - Ribes rubrum

The red currant is a shrubby herb with a height of 1 to 2 feet, depending on the soil and position.Some species grow in the shape of a small tree that has very brittle branches.

Greenish-yellow flowers hang from the grapes.The size of the berries is 5 to 7 inches.They are very juicy and in the flesh of the fruit it has oblong seeds.The herb is odorless,and berries have a sour-sweet and refreshing taste.As a remedy is gathered during maturation.

Berries of the red currant enhance appetite,increase the secretion of saliva gland,and because of the seeds that do not break down it regulates the work of the intestines.