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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Here are some tricks and tips which will help you avoid overeating, and will make you eat only as much as you need. It is very easy to eat a little more than what you need.

With large portions in restaurants or eating habit before television,it's hard to keep good habits and to control the portion size. However,there are methods that will signal us to stop eating when we are full.

1.Drink small sips

Taking small amounts of fluids helps to eat less food,a study made recently confirmed this.Also,although it may seem illogical,people drink more if they drink bigger gulps.Those who consumed small sips  of soup in the study drank 30 percent less soup than those who drank bigger gulps.

2.Choose food with strong aroma


The food with intense and a distinctive aroma can help you tame the desire for more food.Participants in the study received vanilla pudding with different intensity of the aroma of vanilla.When the smell was intense,they ate smaller portions.


3.Serve the food in plates with contrasting colors

If you want to eat potatoes or pasta,do not choose a white plate. Selecting the color of the plate which is opposite of the color of the food will make you put less food.

4.Small plates

It will make you think that you eat more so you will reduce the consumption by 20 percent.

5.Lower the lights and turn down the music

A study conducted in a restaurant showed that Low light and low music soothed the guests made them eat about 175 calories less than usual,almost 18 percent less.You don't have to visit the restaurant, you can do the same at home.


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