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Friday, December 13, 2013

Ginger really acts against morning and ordinary sickness,also  seasickness and motion sickness,and postoperative nausea. Unlike drugs from pharmacies, it has no side effects. 

Does not cause sleepiness, because ginger is not acting on the nervous system. The exact mechanism of the action of ginger is not known, but there are several studies that have shown its effectiveness.

Psychologist Daniel Mourij from Jute ( Daniel Mowerey ) has revealed that ginger acts better with the driving sickness than the usual drug Dramamine.The people who took place in her study were sitting in a rotating chair until they get sick,none of those who received 100 mg of Dramamine could not stay more than six minutes without nausea and vomiting.However,half of those who took about half a teaspoon of ginger powder endured more than six minutes.

Testing of 80 Danish naval cadets in heavy seas showed that those who took ginger capsules,which corresponds to one teaspoonful of fresh ginger,were able to cope with seasickness better than those who took placebo.

The conclusion of the research was that the ginger for 72 % reduced vomiting and completely protected from seasickness 38 % of respondents.The protective effect of ginger was beginning 25 minutes after the intake and lasted for about four hours.

Ginger has proven to be effective and in postoperative nausea. British doctor M.E.Boun at the Sent Bartojomej hospital in London with his colleagues examined the effects of ginger in a double- blind study on 60 women who had a large gynecological surgery.A group of women who were given half a gram of ginger had less discomfort after surgery ( nausea and vomiting ) than the group of women who were given 10mg metoclopramid.On postoperative nausea ginger acts favorably,and does not cause side effects.


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