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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

There is an opinion that raw vegetables are healthier than cooked. This is supported by the fact that due to health often is recommended to cook vegetables as short as possible. But it is not always so.


Carrots contain a large amount of fibrous material and creates a feeling of satiety.Due to the robust cellular structure of the vegetables,we can use only ten percent of beta carotene.Under the influence of heat and a little fat the cell structure breaks down, thanks to which we can take better advantage of the nutrients.Carrots contain vitamin A fat-soluble,so you should prepare it with little quality oil such as olive oil.

Peppers are rich in vitamin C,especially the red ones.Only one pepper covers our daily needs.When cooked,about half of Vitamin C from the peppers is lost,and if it is peeled,the other vital substances are lost.

Folic acid for growth,biotin for nice hair,and vitamin C for immunity - these are the useful ingredients of raw tomatoes.The red pigment lycopene,which protects against cancer and cardiovascular diseases are easier to exploit when tomatoes are boiled.To ensure that the organism gets lycopene and the vitamins,alternately eat cooked and raw tomatoes.

The raw red cabbage contains a lot of vitamin C and glucosinolate, which protects against cancer.Although cooked cabbage is better for the stomach,it should be borne in mind that cooking destroys the greater part of the vitamins.Red cabbage is easily digested if, instead of the oil,it is fried with apple juice.

Essential oils of onion provide disinfection,and other important ingredients protect the walls of blood vessels.Unfortunately,the raw onion is difficult to digest.Stewed onion is less hot and it is better tolerated.If you suffer from excess cholesterol,often eat onions either raw,or boiled.

Raw mushrooms contain vitamin D and vitamins from group B. They strengthen the bones and protect the nerves.Steamed mushrooms are very tasty,but they almost have no vitamins,because they lose them when they are cooked.


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