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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Poor hygiene and bad habits are the reasons why many people wear dentures and implants since a young age. To prevent that from happening to us,we should know the bad habits that damage our teeth and try to avoid those habits.


produces nicotine pigment at the teeth and gums are more susceptible to diseases.Smokers are twice as likely to lose teeth than nonsmokers.

Tongue piercings

Metal objects at our tongue or teeth are also a bad choice for those who want healthy teeth.The constant banging of the metal piercing will damage the tooth enamel.

Opening bottles with teeth

A person who has this bad habit,should immediately stop doing that. This bad habit not only can damage the tooth enamel,but can break a teeth also.

Bad brush and toothpaste

Dentists advise not to buy a rough brush,but medium or soft brushes and the toothpaste should contain fluoride.

Sudden temperature changes

The gums do not like sudden temperature changes.Also,chewing ice can damage the tooth enamel.


Rough brushing teeth
Teeth should not be brushed heavily since this would damage the gums.Totally contrary,the teeth should be brushed with slow, circular movements.

It is mandatory remove tartar every six months,because they collect the bacteria that will damage your teeth and gums.

Carbonated drinks

Red wine,coffee,dark teas and soft drinks that are full of sugar,in contact with the bacteria produce acids that damage the tooth enamel.

Nibbling pen

This nervous habit damages the teeth.

Rubber candy
Candy is old,well- known enemy of the teeth because of the sugar which damages the teeth.


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