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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Back pain is one of the most common health problems.Studies show that 80 % of women have back pain at some point in life,and while many of them ise drugs,such as aspirin,brufen or anti-inflammatory drugs.

Although they are often effective,long-term use of these drugs can cause gastric ulcer.Therefore it would be better to help the body to recover naturally,using appropriate diet,exercise and nutritional supplements.


Improving diet,eliminating alcohol,caffeine,dairy products,sugar and excessively fatty foods,and consumption of fruits,vegetables,whole grains and omega - 3 fatty acids,help the body to regenerate and repair itself.


The intake of sufficient amounts of water helps in reducing the pain in the back,and caffeine which is found in many drinks cause dehydration,so try avoid them.

Glucosamine and chondroitin

These two supplements help restore the connective tissue.For proper dosage consult your doctor or pharmacist.


Ginger Tea

Another natural cure for back pain is fresh ginger.Ginger tea is very helpful against back pain.

" B " vitamin

Vitamins from the " B " group , such as " B1 " , " B2 " , " B6 " and " B12 " are very important.These vitamins help in relaxing the muscles and reducing pain.

Omega - 3

Omega - 3 fatty acids help reduce inflammation and pain in the back.Eat fish and flax seeds to reduce the back pain.


For outside use you can use essential oils from herbs such as mint,rosemary and lavender.

Alternative therapy

Numerous alternative therapies have been proven to reduce back pain.Massage,acupuncture and massage with hot stones can relax the tense muscles,improve circulation,release endorphins and stimulate the body to heal " by itself ".


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