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Friday, February 14, 2014

The next time when search for ways to get more energy, consider alternative ways before you buy an energy drink. Consuming an excessive amount of anything is harmful, especially for this type of drinks.


Therefore, instead of just relying on sugar and caffeine to help you fix your busy day,take a walk or drink only water for a natural and long lasting energy.

Here are the negative sides of drinking energy drinks :

Stress and anxiety

In fact,one of the most important reasons why you should stop drinking energy drinks is that it can cause increased anxiety and stress.Some energy drinks actually have more caffeine than writen at the label.Too much caffeine can cause chronic stress and panic ,and tachycardia.

High sugar

Besides that it gives you artificial energy,this drink usually contains a lot of sugar.Some of them are known to contain an average of 15 tablespoons of brown sugar.Besides causing hyperglycemia,it can leave you dehydrated,weaken your immune system,can cause inflammation of the stomach,stone decay and obesity.


Changes in mood

If you regularly consume energy drinks,you may want to consider carefully whether you should continue.Studies have shown that those who regularly drink energy drinks have reduced levels of serotonin.This substance is known as the hormone of happiness. When its level in the blood is reduced,it leads to bad mood, anxiety and depression.


Although it can help you get the energy to complete the remaining work,it will not be really helpful when you need to sleep at night.These drinks can make you have tachycardia and severe fatigue that cause insomnia.To clear them from the body and the bad effects,drink plenty of water,exercise and eat healthy food.


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