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Thursday, February 13, 2014

According to a recent research, a morning dose of coffee will significantly help you in improving your memory.


The research published in the journal "Nature Neuroscience", showed that participants who were given caffeine pills had a better memory than others.

Respondents were 160 participants aged from 18 to 30 years, and in the beginning of the study, pictures of various objects were shown to them.

One day later, to the participants were shown the same photos as well as some that they have not seen the previous day.They were asked whether each image is new,old or similar to the original.


While both groups were trying to distinguish between the new and old images,the researchers found that participants who previously received caffeine tablets were significantly better at determining which images are similar to the first round.

Scientists can not find an answer on how caffeine affects the memory of man,but they assume that it might interfere with certain hormones which are associated with making decisions.

However,consuming large amounts of caffeine can cause side effects such as poor sleep.


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