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Saturday, February 1, 2014

If you are wondering why even after the " healthy " diet,which is based on meals of fruit and bread,you still fail to get rid of your excess weight,then perhaps the problem lies in the " hidden " calories.


In this post we will discover which are the healthy foods which we think have no calories and can be a problem for us when we are trying to lose weight.

Fruit juices

Fruit juice because of the acidity and because of the quantities of sugar,it is best to prepared with some types of green leafy vegetables.


One glass of wine a day has some advantages for your health,but a bigger glass of wine can have about 225 calories.So do not forget at the end of the day when calculating the calories to add those calories of the wine.

Olive oil


Perhaps we are using olive oil when cooking,we prepare salads with olive oil and we are confident that we enter less bad fat in the body.Olive oil is the main ingredient in the mediterranean cuisine,which is considered to be the healthiest in the world. But just a spoon of this oil contains about 50 calories.


Cereals are a healthy meal for breakfast,but everything depends on what combinations you choose.If they are enriched with supplements,nuts or dried fruit pieces,they can have more calories,and fat.So do a healthy combination: choose oatmeal and shred fruits,and pour some yogurt.


In the category of groceries that can be a trap for those who want to lose weight is the chicken meat.But the key here is in the way of preparation.For example,if you leave the skin on the chicken when frying,you add 100-300 calories to the meal.Therefore, remove the skin and prepare the chicken on the grill.


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