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Monday, February 3, 2014

Tomatoes are ideal food for anyone on a diet,because at 100 grams it contains only 18 calories. You can use the tomatoes in any form and you will not make a mistake because they are nutritious and delicious.

Tomatoes are the real source of vitamins A and C,potassium and lycopene - the most powerful antioxidant that reduces the risk of cancer.If you follow this diet for five days you will lose three pounds and your body will get rid of all toxins.

The diet can be repeated after a brake of two days.Forget the sweets,white bread,fatty cheeses and give preference to chicken, fish,fruits,vegetables and whole grains.You may only use olive oil and from the spices,salt,pepper and aromatic herbs.

Every morning,immediately after waking up,drink a glass of warm water.Eat at least four times a day.You can eat breakfast and snack with or without tomato,but for lunch and dinner you must eat this vegetable.

Day 1

● Lunch: Tomato with cheese,30g wheat bread

● Snack : 100 grams of fruits of your choice

● Dinner : Pasta with tomato sauce

Day 2

● Lunch : Greek salad,30g wheat bread

● Snack : Cup of coffee and two biscuits

● Dinner : Hake soup


Day 3

● Lunch: Omelette

● Snack : Two carrots

● Dinner : Beef with tomatoes

Day 4

● Lunch: Cold gazpacho

● Snack : Sandwich with tomatoes

● Dinner : R
ice with tomato sauce

Day 5

● Lunch: Italian salad

● Snack : Apple and kiwi with honey and mint

● Dinner : Porridge


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