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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

To compensate the nutrients that come from meat,vegetarians must take care to have regular meals filled with a variety of fruits and vegetables.


Regular and quality vegetarian meals containing a variety of fruits,vegetables and dairy products do not harm the body,and they are healthier than the fatty foods.

To avoid misconception,not all vegetarians are the same,nor any form of vegetarian diet has the same effect on the human organism.

Vegetarian diet that consists of eating only fruits and vegetables today is poorly used even in India,the country in which the diet was used for the first time.Such foods do not provide the body with enough essential proteins.So today there are some vegetarians that drink milk and use dairy products, while some of them eat eggs too.Such a diet is not harmful because the body will receive the necessary amounts of amino acids necessary for normal functioning.

It is not true that vegetarianism inevitably leads to weakening of the immune system and the blood.However,those who decide to completely throw out the meat from the diet must carefully prepare meals and take care that the meal has all the necessary nutrients.


Proper nutrition means three and even better five meals a day. Breakfast should be finished by 8 am,and then at intervals of 3-4 hours the other meals should be consumed.For better digestion the vegetarians are advised to eat at least 700-800 grams of vegetables per day,and from the fruits apples are recommended, because they contain pectin which regulates cholesterol and allows the nervous system to properly perform its functions.

However,there is a misconception when talking about a vegetarian diet.The fact is that today we have don't have land,water or air which is completely clean.So the natural properties of most of the foods today are lost.A healthy diet is one that is regular and which supplies the body with nutrients : bread,oil,grains, dairy products,eggs,meat,fruit,vegetables,sugar and concentrates.


  1. What a load of bollocks.

    Most amusing article yet.

  2. you should listen to these free health talk summits they have been having to learn about what your body does and does not takeaway from listening to quite a few is always avoid GMOs, eat organic fruits and healthy fats like avocado and coconut oil...lots of spices have health benefits especially turmeric...let food be your medicine meaning organic fruits and vegetables and healthy fats...go gluten free...grain free if possible...avoid dairy...avoid all processed foods...anything that comes in a box or can avoid...anything that has anything on the label you can't pronounce or don't know what it is...don't eat it...don't use prescription drugs with all their side natural remedies...there are plenty of supplements and spices and food that are good for just about anything that ails you and they can heal you and solve your problem not mask it and give you more problems from taking side you ever listen to those drug commercials and all the side effects...I say if the side effects outweigh the reason you are taking it for don't take it...most people have leaky gut and auto immune conditions caused by the toxic world we live in and eating GMOs and pesticide only whole natural foods...avoid sugar...filter your water...been hearing bone broth is good to heal leaky gut too...if you must eat meat eat organic grass fed that do not get antibiotics or anything that may contaminate you...good luck

  3. Any diet with animal products is not healthy. Also, I've heard that you have to listen to your own body for when to eat.