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Monday, February 10, 2014

Many people who keep a diet often avoid the drinks that contain sugar,and they try to reduce the excess weight by doing so,but the new research shows that this is not effective.U.S. researchers found that those who drink diet drinks and shakes receive more calories than those who drink regular soft drinks with sugar.


" Even though adults with overweight drink diet drinks,they still receive significantly more calories because those drinks make them feel more hungry and then they eat more," says Dr. Sarah Blech,a professor in the Bloomberg school.

The consumption of food and beverages has increased significantly in the last few decades when in 1965 this was 3 %,today it is 20 %.

Individuals who drink diet drinks typically have a higher BMI ( body mass index )and consume more food than those who drink drinks with sugar.

In other words,the people who regularly drink diet drinks,their " sugar " sensors in the brain can not calculate properly the energy that is consumed,because the artificial sweeteners disrupt the control of appetite.


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