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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Substance bisphenol A ( BPA ),the basic compound of the plastic bottles causes liver tumors,say the scientists from the University of Michigan who tested the mice which were exposed to this substance before birth.


The results showed that only 27 percent of the mice exposed to doses of BPA,through the mother's food during the pregnancy,got a liver tumor.The bigger the dose,the bigger were the chances of getting the tumor -  says Vinhaus Keren,a member of the research team.

She adds that the mice whose mothers received 50 mg BPA were seven times exposed to tumors than the mice whose mothers did not receive BPA.


However,it is now necessary to investigate how the GDP affects people.

Our results show that urgently is needed to examine the impact of bisphenol A on humans,she said.

She says that it is now necessary to discover biomarkers that would give a signal of the disease risk before the disease begins to develop.Normally,first at mice and later at humans.


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