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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The spice that is daily in our diet,differs from 
the other spices in a way that it really burns the fat.Daily use of pepper in our meals is a safe way to burn the fat.


We add pepper to our food to improve its taste,and that little bitter taste in our mouth gets the real role in the digestive system.

Pepper has a role in the improvement of work of the digestive organs,stimulating the secretion of enzymes and stomach acids, which speed up the passage of the food through the body.

With its antioxidant and anti inflammatory
 properties,one of the most effective features of the pepper is that it keeps cholesterol under control and destroys fat.

Pepper increases the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach.This is responsible for the acidic degradation of fats and acts against bloating,flatulence and other stomach problems.

Pepper retains its flavor better if stored in grain,and used as whole grain,or ground just before cooking.The most aromatic pepper type is the green pepper,which thanks to its essential oils burn the fat in depth,and are increasingly used in mass against cellulite.


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