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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Celery is rich in limonene,essential and fatty oils.In its root it has essential oil,sugar,asparagine,tyrosine,pentosan and fats.


The sweet celery root is commonly used for preparing salads,stews or as a spice for soups and stews.The leafes have a strong aromatic flavor also are used as a spice.The herb retains its specific smell after drying.

The wild celery because of its strong and unpleasant smell it not used to much.

This plant grows in the wild as well as a cultivated plant grown in the gardens.The wild celery grows in coastal areas almost throughout all Europe,and also in other continents.It is known that the wild celery has toxic substances,and therefore it should not be used in treatment.The garden celery is known to be a very important healing herb.

The medicinal part of the plant is the root of celery.

Curative effects : It is used for the treatment of asthma, pneumonia,nerve disease,urinary tract,kidney,anti- gout,rheumatism,improving appetite,improves digestion,against obesity,stomach diseases and all other diseases which are caused by the lack of basic materials needed for the body.Also,celery improves blood circulation.

Among the herbs used as a flavor,the celery has a special place.Throughout the history and mythology,was believed that the celery stimulates sexual power.

Because it is rich with various useful ingredients,the celery has exceptional healing properties.With carrots,garlic and parsley together they have a special place in all the kitchens.It is used for preparation of fresh soups and meals,the seeds are used as a spice,and its leaves are often used to decorate various culinary specialties.It can be found in any time of the year,but mostly in autumn.


Raw celery helps those with skin diseases.It is recommended for those who have kidney stones because it is a good diuretic.To achieve the desired effect,you need to chop an equal amount of celery and apples,mix it good and consume it several times a day. To this mixture you can add nuts and sugar for a better taste.

Celery tea against Rheumatism: in 3 liters of water add 40 grams of celery leafs and leave it for a few minutes.Then let it stand for a while.Strain it and drink it several times a day,and for a period of several weeks.

With celery against kidney disease : for kidney complaints it is good to drink juice from fresh leaves of celery.


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