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Thursday, March 13, 2014

We all have swallowed gum sometimes.But at that point we should remind ourselves with the phrase - " It will take seven years to digest it."Is is true?Lets find out.

What happens after swallowing ?


Gum is made ​​from natural or synthetic materials,enriched with sweeteners.Sweeteners will disintegrate and the sugar will be used.Rubber material will move through the digestive tract and will end in toilet.

When is dangerous to swallow gum?

Constantly swallowing chewing gum in short time periods or swallowing along with other substances that can not be disintegrated can block the digestive tract.Note that this cases are rare and the accidental swallowing of one gum is not dangerous.

It is important to note that the parents should be especially careful with their children and they should teach them that the chewing gum is for chewing,and not for swallowing.

What is the real problem that the chewing gum creates?

Due to the large amount of sugars and sweeteners,the chewing gum can lead to cavities.Those gums that contain sorbitol can cause diarrhea,because of its laxative effect.

Finally,chew one to two gums per day.And at the end,throw it in the trash!


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