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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Eight of 10 mobile phone users sleep with their mobile phone near them during the night, and half of them use it as an alarm, was discovered in a recent survey.


Next time when you won't be able to sleep night and when you think about your buying list,tomorrow's meetings,the solution could be simple - remove the mobile phone from the bedroom.Eight out of 10 users sleep with their mobile near them or under their pillow,and half of them use it as an alarm,a recent research made at has shown.

Experts are concerned about the impact of the mobile phone at people's lives,and keeping the mobile phones near them makes them super - sensitive and could disturb them when sleeping.

It can also cause insomnia and other sleep problems.Most people sleep better if they don't have mobile phone or other electronic gadgets in their bedroom,said Dr. . Guy Meadows,insomnia specialist from London.He leaves his cell phone in the kitchen during the night.

Besides insomnia,some say that sleeping with a mobile phone near, can cause dizziness and headache.

The main problem with the mobile phones, according to Dr. . Charles Zejsler from Harvard is their unnatural light which strongly affects the body by making it think that it is day.The light stimulates the cells in the retina,the area around the side of the eye that sends messages to the brain.Cells which are sensitive to light give information to the body that it is day time, explains Dr . Meadows.


  1. Well duh. If light is an issue, one can simply make the screen dark. This is a totally idiotic concept. My phone stays at arms length from me when I am in the sleeper of my commercial truck. I put it on silent when I sleep, but that doesn't affect the alarm function. I sleep just fine. What a lot of hooey. Next they will say"Oh don't have electricity in your bedroom. If you turn the light on, -it will keep you awake!"