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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Excessive consumption of proteins for muscles shaping and hard working in the gym can have fatal consequences for the heart,doctors warn. Among young people there are more and more men, practicing in the gym, and they push the limits of their possibilities to the maximum and by doing so they risk their health.


The great example is Aziz Shavershjan of Sydney,who gained fame overnight after he was presented his own transformation from a teenager to a man with muscles.

Shavershjan,known as Ziz,died of a heart attack at just 22 years of age.His disease almost never affects man at his age.Many believe that his death was caused by the use of steroids.

"Maybe you have the biggest muscles,but you have a weak heart as the heart of a 80 -year-old man" - warns cardiologist Dr. David Kehun,and says that the desire get the perfect muscles and body can grow into a dangerous obsession.

" The possible consequences are heart attack,stroke,high cholesterol and blood pressure," - he added.

Doctors around the world show an alarming increase in the number of men who suffer from heart problems due to the use of supplements for shaping the body.

The industry of vitamins and nutritional supplements in Australia recorded a turnover of 1.5 billion dollars annually,with $ 100 million being spent just for proteins.

Scott Griffith of the University of Sydney argues that in extreme cases the desire for perfectly shaped body grows into a complex known as muscle dysmorphia.

" Unlike anorexic celebrities who think they are too fat,they look in the mirror and they think that they are weak " - explains Griffith .

What are the other side effects of steroids ?

To achieve the body with big muscles,some people use anabolic steroids,a synthetic version of the male hormone testosterone. The anabolic steroids are dangerous drugs with many side- effects.

These are the psychological side- effects of steroids : anxiety, hostility,paranoid feeling,frequent mood swings(including depression),obsession with their body,the need for exercise,anger and violent outbreaks known as " steroid rage ".

From physical impairment,can damage the liver,kidney damage, high blood pressure and cholesterol,decreased immune system,headaches and abdominal pain,bleeding nose,acne on the face and body, reduced flexibility of the limbs.

At men other side effects of the steroids are: enlarged breasts, small testicles,reduced sperm levels,increased sexual desire, reduced sexual performance ( difficulty in obtaining and maintaining an erection ).


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