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Monday, March 17, 2014

The females which are exposed to more physical and mental stress need more sleep than men,say the researchers from the Duke University.


The research indicates that men do not develop the diseases from the lack of sleep that affects the women when not sleeping enough.Women who do not sleep enough are more prone to the risk of heart disease,depression,developing a psychological disorder, and stroke.

" The women had higher levels of depression,anger and rage in the morning " - said Dr. Michael Breus,and suggests that they should always take a nap during the day for 25 to 90 minutes.


The researchers found that,given the fact that the women work more things simultaneously,and they use their brains more than men,thats why they need to sleep more than man.

" The man who is preoccupied with complex work that involves taking hard decisions and lateral thinking,needs more sleep than the average man,but not more than the women" - said Professor Jim Horne,the director of the University of Sleep Laftborou,England.


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