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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Canadian scientists have found a simple cure for cancer, but the major pharmaceutical companies are not interested because there is no profit.


Scientists from the University of Alberta in Edmonton Canada have found a cure for cancer.It is a simple method that is based on a basic medicine.The method includes dichloroacetate which is currently used for the treatment of metabolic disorders.Because of that there are no worries about the possible side effects or other long-term consequences.

The drug does not require a patent so it can be used quickly and inexpensively,as opposed to the expensive cancer drugs from the major pharmaceutical companies.Canadian scientists have tested the dichloroacetate on human cells - and it works!


It eliminated the lung cancer and the breast cancer, and the healthy cells remained undamaged.The drug was tested on rats also which suffered from various tumors.

But despite all the good results and the availability of the drug ,the major pharmaceutical companies are not interested.The reason - DCA method can not be patented,and without the patent ,there is no profit.

Source: The DCA Site


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