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Monday, April 21, 2014

Many people can not go to sleep if they don't eat something before they go to sleep.But we should be careful what we eat before we go to bed , so that we have a good sleep and we don't wake up many times during the night.So before going to bed you should certainly avoid these 4 types of food:


1.Fatty foods

If you eat fatty food's before going to bed, you will not only feel nausea,but your digestive system will work in the fourth gear trying to digest the heavy foods.

2.Foods full of carbohydrates

A little sugar before bedtime may be what you need for a good sleep , but if you eat a big piece of chocolate cake , the sugar in your blood will rise and fall , and it will impede your sleep. It will be wise to avoid such sweets and eat an apple instead.


3.Red meat and other proteins

Same as the fatty foods,the  red meat will bother your stomach. The red meat has the worst impact, but it will be the same if you eat a lot of chicken or pork.

4.Spicy Foods

Spices are a natural remedy, it is true, but you should avoid them before going to bed.


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