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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

You were not satisfied with your physical appearance?So you decided to lose weight and keep a diet,and you reached the desired weight.

Perhaps you are happy and proud of yourself for achieving success ,because you have shown that you have a strong character and when you decide to do something - you do it.Now you know that you have a more difficult task,and that is to keep your gained weight and prevent the return of the hard lost pounds.


If your diet was recommended or was under the supervision of a doctor or nutritionist,it will be easier to maintain the current weight.The reason for this is that you now have learned and gained a habit to lose weight.On the other hand if you started yourself to keep some of the " fast " diets,which are characterized by severe deprivations and hunger,probably for only a few days you will get back the lost pounds.To prevent such a scenario and to avoid disappointment we recommend some tips that will help you keep your weight after a hard diet.

Be careful with the dinner

The first thing that you need to pay attention is the dinner.It should be a light meal.Avoid the habit to not eat anything all day,and make the dinner to be your favorite meal.With such a diet you will quickly restore the lost weight,and you will feel bad during the day because you are starving.

Everything is allowed in moderate quantity

After the diet you will probably want to eat fatty foods,sweets, certain kinds of sauces or cheese.It is not forbidden to you, just please be careful how much you eat.

Vegetables and fruits

Fresh vegetables ( onion,celery,carrot,spinach ) are great to reduce hunger and they contain only a few calories.These vegetables can be eaten 3-4 times a day,without the fear of gaining weight.

In addition to vegetables,your diet can be enriched with fruits. If the so called " fruit day " is not included in your diet,then you should not keep that diet.It will be enough to replace a few meals during the week ( breakfast and dinner ) with fruits.Will you eat one or more kinds of fruits,that is your personal choice.



Eating large quantities of bananas ( more than two ) is not recommended because of their low calorie value.Perhaps this will seem strange,but the banana has ingredients such as carbohydrate composed of natural sugars and starch.They are difficult for the body to burn and they provide the body with a sufficient amount of energy.Bananas are great for providing energy before a strenuous physical activity or training.


Drinking fluids is perhaps the key point that you should look out if you want good results after dieting.Most diets exclude the consumption of carbonated drinks and alcohol,and they emphasize drinking plain mineral water and pressed fruit.It would be nice if after the diet you continue with the same way of drinking liquids.

Physical activity

Often during the diet happens that we lose a part of the muscle.It is important to restore the muscle,and for that you do not have to go to the gym.You can make the exercise program by yourself or with the help of a professional in that field.The point is to do exercise at least half an hour every day.It is very important in that period.Besides the exercises it is recommended to do some recreational activities( swimming,running, aerobics,pilates,hiking and so on )at least twice a week.It is important from time to time to modify the exercise program.This will prevent the monotony.


Practice the self-control,be moderate,be active and enjoy the beauty of life.


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