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Monday, April 14, 2014

Many of us are not aware that if they know how to recognize the symptoms of a brain stroke they can save not only their own lives but the lives of others.

Rapid and timely treatment minimizes the effects of a stroke, and in some cases is life-saving.The patient should be immediately taken to the nearest medical center, the treatment with thrombolysis is effective in the first three hours.

It is easy to recognize a stroke if you know the following guidelines. The most important thing is to immediately call 911.


Ask the person to smile. Is one side of the mouth distorted? The face of the person is no longer symmetrical?


Ask them to raise both arms. Does one arm fall?


Can they compile a simple sentence? Does he speak vaguely?


If the person has any of these signs immediately call 911.

Remembering the acronym FAST will help to make it easier to remember these steps. FAST = Face,Arms,Speech,Time.


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