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Friday, May 9, 2014

Did you know that some pieces of clothing can cause serious pain and infection?These are some of many clothes that can cause diseases and pain.

Large earrings


Apart from the possibility of infection,wearing large and heavy earrings can stretch your ear too.

Large bags with thin handles

Although we love big bags because we carry all kind of things,they may hinder the natural posture of the body.They cause one shoulder to be always lower,causing headaches and pain in the neck and back.

Tight bra

It is not good to wear large bras,but wearing tight bras is not healthy.It will hamper the natural work of the muscles.


If you tighten too hard in order to emphasize the waist,belts can cause abdominal pain.Besides,your feet can freeze,because of the outer nerve that extends from stomach to the hips.

Thong panties

Every man loves when a girl is wearing thong panties,but these pieces of clothing are not good for our health.Because they stick very close to our intimate body parts,the body can not breathe.Another problem is that the materials used to make these do not absorb moisture,so you can get an infection.

Tight jeans and skirts


Tight models are really hot, but sometimes you should avoid them to rest your body from high pressure. Because of tight jeans and skirts the body loses its natural balance and makes you move like a robot. Jeans can make pressure to the nerves,and may even cause you pain in some parts.

High Heels

Every woman looks more elegant if she wears high heels,but wearing them daily can do more harm than good.The position of the feet when wearing high heels is such that all the pressure falls on the pads of the fingers.Because of that it is difficult to walk in high heels,because you need to keep the balance.Problems that can occur is a loss of balance,foot sores,inflammation of nerves and swollen fingers.


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