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Thursday, May 15, 2014

We all know that our ears characteristics change or weakens when we get older , but have you ever wondered how much exactly your hearing is weakened depending on your age ?


One small test of the YouTube channel " AsapScience " can assist you in the determination of that " Are your ears characteristics normal for your age ."

In this video you will hear a series of tones at different frequencies and based on that , you can find out how old are your ears and find out their condition in comparison with your real age . From the video you will find out the that our ability to listen different frequencies depend on the small " hair 
cells " which are inside our ears .

You must watch the video on the full resolution of 1080p , and you have to put your headphones . And if you don't hear some of the sounds do not worry , probably the problem is in your headphones .


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